Ron Clifford: Podcast Episode 15

Bio from Ron’s Website:

Ron always says: “do what you can’t help but do.”

“For me, that means exploring the natural world, photographing the people and places in it, and helping others to do the same.”  I’m Ron Clifford, a photographer, an educator and speaker

Quote from this Episode: 

“I was born an artist, knew it from the age of 10”

“Artist asks what can I add to create a masterpiece, a Photographer asks what can I take away to create a masterpiece”

“Your job is finished, a retoucher’s job will be replaced by photoshop! 6 months later I was out of a job!”

“Went to a full time photographer in 3 years”

“I’m an educator, that’s what I love to do!”

“I want to write that blog post, How I lost 3 Million followers”

“My greatest success is the relationship I have with my children”

“I get excited about seeing a student hit the next level!”

“I want to be able to tell success story after success story…I want to see students reach their goals “

“To a young Ron: Don’t take yourself so seriously and lower your expectations”

“I need to be making a different in leveling up others along side of me.”

“The greatest accomplishment in life is being part of humanity, contributing to others”

Doug’s Discovered Biography

Ron is an educator at heart and a mentor’s mentor! Ron has a unique ability to help others find their path and reach their goals.

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Dr. Jerrold Diamond DDS: Podcast Episode 14


Dr. Jerrold Diamond DDS, is a dentist in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He works at and owns Diamond Dental . Dr. Diamond enjoys playing tennis, riding his road bike and traveling the world.

Quotes from this Episode: 

“Dentistry is always evolving, I don’t get bored because the technology we get to use is always evolving.”

“You don’t want worries to paralyze you as worry isn’t productive “

“You don’t know what you don’t know “

“Dentist’s that I’ve been able to bring into the business and then succeed and help me grow themselves and the business has been rewarding”

“Knowing what I know now, I wish I had figured it out sooner! “

“Look nobodies perfect, we’ve all made mistakes along the way, at the end of the day, you have to live your life, because you only have so many turns around the sun.” 

“The sun’s gonna rise tomorrow, enjoy this time during quarantine to do something you’ve always wanted to do! “

I’d like to be a Tennis World Champion in the over the 85 are bracket! 

“Being active is good for you and being active is good for you brain 

“You don’t know what the future, you don’t know what your health is going to be , you gotta make sure you enjoy the ride!”

Doug’s Discovered Biography: 

Jerrold has lived his life according to a plan. Whether he actually has known that plan, Jerrold has altered course when the plan required it. Living life to a plan has enabled Jerrold to live an amazing, full life, with a lot more life to live that’s on the plan! 

Dr. Tom Trinkner: Podcast Episode 13

Thomas Trinkner, DDS is a cosmetic dentist in Columbia, South Carolina. Since 1985, he has provided his patients with exceptional care and personal attention. Dr. Trinkner treats patients of all ages! Although, his primary focus is treating adults who have complex dental problems and cosmetic dental concerns.

Quote from this episode: 

“I’m decided I’m gonna go from scratch, I’m gonna pick an area, and I’m set up my own practice, In August of 1984, I opened my practice with 2 chairs, one assistant and no patients.“

“I had to get over the fear of extreme fear of public speaking”

“I did about 600-650 hours of CE and went all over the world to be the best dentist I could be.”

“If you could gift your child anything, Travel, food and cultures is such a powerful education… sometimes way beyond sitting in the classroom”

“Professionally I have earned respect from my peers…and whatever I have learned I have tried to give back.”

“Having Dad be able to see the type of dentistry we can now do and  come to a couple of my lectures was rewarding…”

“2% of any profession is a Master, A master learns it, does it, and teaches it”

Doug’s Discovered Biography:

Tom has been able to navigate his own path! He trusted his own instincts and was willing to alter the path if necessary to create the life he wanted to live! 

Podcast Episode 12: Reese Spykerman

Reese Spykerman is a conversion designer who helps businesses understand that good design is more than how you look: it’s how well that design works to improve your bottom line and relationship with customers. 

Quotes from this episode: 

“I worked on the high school paper and I loved layouts”

“Our ability to change and pivot as the market changes is what makes our success”

“I eat, sleep and breath this business.” 

“For me fun is not about stimulation, it’s more how can I relax..”

“I have a hard time with success”

“People often package things so that they only share the shiny moments”

“Not having regrets in your life comes down to trusting yourself”

“Im inspired by stories that are told really well”

“I really don’t link trite and clichéd phrases. “

“Reese got fired from her job over 15 years ago and decided that a corporate job was not for her”

Doug’s Discovered Biography: 

Reese is an inspiration to me… she’s been able to figure out her own path and has decided to build a career,  business and life that is her own! Reese continues to shift her talent stack as the market moves! 

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Podcast Episode 11: Dr. Bob Kaplan DDS

Quotes from the Episode: 

“I was one of the few caddies with a set of teeth and could complete a sentence” 

“I wanted to be a dentist from the age of 6. I loved my childhood dentist”

“I still play fast pitch softball, I refuse to play soft pitch with the old guys” 

“I regret that I didn’t become a professional baseball player” 

“You don’t want to be too smart too soon” 

“You don’t know what you’re good at until you try a bunch of things, yet you can’t really get good at something unless you really focus on that one thing.”

“It took me years to realize know that I sucked” 

“You can’t teach people anything, you just help them learn”

“I’m inspired by people that do the right thing and do it right” 

Doug’s Discovered Biography: 

Bob’s been married for 42 years and has had his dental practice in the same location for 42 years as well… Bob figured out how to surround himself with good mentors to help him build a successful, family, business and life! 


Tel: 617 964 3430

Podcast Episode 10: Dr. Jerome Cha DDS

Jerome Cha DDS is a World Class Cosmetic dentist in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A dedicated family man and artist! I really enjoyed our podcast!

Quotes from this episode: 

“I think anybody can be an artist…. “

“There’s a method and technique to be proficient any art form you’re pursuing” 

“Greatest fear is running out of time”

 “The Doctor said you have 25% chance of ever walking again”

“I ended up doing my own physical therapy, learned from YouTube”

“Nothing I have, is as important as the well being of my family” 

“We are all gifted individually” 

“Definition of courage is facing the fear and still doing it”

“There’s almost an addiction to be liked or fit in, when that’s taken away people lose their identity”

Doug’s Discovered Biography:

Jerome is somebody who has led a thoughtful life and thought a lot about how he’s going to make an implant on the world and continues to step into his purpose! 

Jerome’s recommended book list! Amazon Affiliate Links included: 

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Mindset by Carol Dweck

David and Goliath by Malcom Gladwell

Instinct by T.D. Jakes

Robot Proof by Joseph Aoun

The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene

Evolve Your Brain by Joe Dispenza

For More about Dr. Cha check out:

Podcast Episode 9: Brian Rueb

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Brian Rueb is a High School art teacher and leads photophraphy workshop with the Aperture Academy all over the world

Quotes from this Episode: 

“I didn’t appreciate art history until I understood the process”

“Landscape photography is the easiest art form. “

“If you have the budget you can go get an amazing portfolio”

“Its always about the connections with people…”

“I’m always able to find a new way to look at a scene”

“I’m inspired to see the potential of my family…”

“How do I get out of my own head that not being busy is ok”


Doug’s Discovered Biography:

Brian values his family and his students. He continually works to improve himself so he can be a better, husband, father, and teacher! His biography is a story of finding his own place in the world to better those around him.!  

Thanks for the time Brian!

be sure to visit Brian’s Portfolio, He’s an amazing artist, although he’d argue with you on that point! I’m a fan!

And give him a visit on Instagram:

Podcast Episode 8: Dr. Bernie Villadiego DDS

Dr. Bernie Villadiego is a Cosmetic Dentist in Southern California. Bernie enjoys spending time with his family and taking photographs of incredible landscapes.

Quotes From This Episode: 

“I feel like photography is carrying on my brother’s legacy”

“What drives you is your passion so you have to find out what our passion is, cause you never know what the future holds… “

“You don’t know what you’ve lost until you’ve lost it. “

“We make it a point to put our phones away at dinner time “

“I get a kick out of being scolded by my kids!”

“Fear comes when you don’t know what expect”

“Lost riches can always be recovered buy lost time can never be recovered”

“Why would you want to spend time with somebody that knows less than you do!”

“I try to hang out with people I can learn from”

Doug’s discovered biography: 

Bernie has a unique ability to connect people and influence people in ways he’s not even aware of. Bernie is able touch people , befriend and change lives.

Podcast Episode 7: Darren White

Darren is a landscape photographer from Littleton, Colorado. Darren has been published in various magazines like Popular Photography, Columbia Gorge Magazine and had a mention in National Geographic Traveler. His prints have been sold worldwide and used for all kinds of media from Websites to Trade Show Backdrops.


Quote from this episode: 

“Spent 20 years to build a sustainable photography business”

“I was always scared of dying, until I held my Mom’s hand when she died and saw how peaceful it was, and I’m not scared of it anymore”

“I’m inspired by the things I see in nature”

If I stay in my house I’ll never seen anything..

“People that are late drive me nuts!”

“Don’t be afraid to here NO”

“Do not care about what people think of your, the less you care the happier you’ll be”

“Every one has to start somewhere”

“I have always strived to as good a person as my father was”

Doug’s Discovered Biography:

Darren caught glimpses of the stars from his bathroom window on the Oregon coast as a kid and fell in love with them. This led to a journey to figure out how to photograph the stars and to teach others how to do so as well! His perseverance is inspiring!


Podcast Episode 6: Dr. Carl Steinberg DDS

Dr. Carl Steinberg is a Restorative and Cosmetic Dentist in downtown Philadelphia, PA. He is a Visiting Faculty Member at Spear Education in Scottsdale, AZ


Quotes from this episode:

“I enjoyed the arts and sciences and that led me to dentistry”

“I think the best dentists are also artists

“When I realized my only competition was me, peace of mind came easierr”

“What is successful is different for everybody”

“It took me too long to make a change, I wish I had started earlier:

“When the student is ready the Teacher will enter”

When your young you often think people trying to help you have an ulterior motive and they may not”

“Who you are today is not who you have to be tomorrow

“I’ve never had financial goals… my goals were always related to happiness

“If your not happy it really doesn’t matter what you have”

“The only person stopping you from being successful is yourself

Doug’s Discovered Biography

Dr. Steinberg figured out how to step in and improve his own life and that will never change.. He’s in a constant state of change and improvement. Carl is an incredible thinker, family man and member of society!


Email Carl at:

Or give him a call at 215 530 6352 !