Dr. Christopher Kanas DDS: Episode 17


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Dr. Christopher Kanas is a Pediatric Dentist in Greenville, South Carolina. Have recently moved there from Auburn, California with his wife and two teenaged kids!

Quotes from this episode: 

“There’s art as a creative and art as a job”

“If I couldn’t travel that would be a depressing thing to me.”

“When I see that scared kid come into the office and you take your time and work their trust up and by the time they leave they are leaving happy and you have helped them overcome their fear! “

“Regrets have a way of making you grow, if you learn from them”

“Screen time never goes away, even when the screen is turned off, the thought processes still revolve around the screen”

“Whats the difference between a glass of wine and an Ativan? “

“Marijuana caused me to lose some valuable relationships “

“If drugs weren’t fun a lot of people wouldn’t be doing them…. But when you start making choices over your drugs vs. your relationships, there are consequences. “

“The west coast is the best coast, but there are quite a few places on the east coast to explore!”

Doug’s Discovered Biography: 

Chris, against the odds, of discovered a career after 7 years in college, to finally land in a profession he was made for! He’s made mistakes along the way but has been able to course correct and become an incredible professional, husband and father!