Podcast Episode 12: Reese Spykerman

Reese Spykerman is a conversion designer who helps businesses understand that good design is more than how you look: it’s how well that design works to improve your bottom line and relationship with customers. 

Quotes from this episode: 

“I worked on the high school paper and I loved layouts”

“Our ability to change and pivot as the market changes is what makes our success”

“I eat, sleep and breath this business.” 

“For me fun is not about stimulation, it’s more how can I relax..”

“I have a hard time with success”

“People often package things so that they only share the shiny moments”

“Not having regrets in your life comes down to trusting yourself”

“Im inspired by stories that are told really well”

“I really don’t link trite and clichéd phrases. “

“Reese got fired from her job over 15 years ago and decided that a corporate job was not for her”

Doug’s Discovered Biography: 

Reese is an inspiration to me… she’s been able to figure out her own path and has decided to build a career,  business and life that is her own! Reese continues to shift her talent stack as the market moves! 

For more info about Reese, check out https://designbyreese.com and sign up to get your 5 secret web tweaks today!