Dr. Philip Ovadia: Podcast Episode 18

Dr. Philip Ovadia (https://OvadiaHeartHealth.com) is a Cardiac Heart Surgeon and champion of Low Carb/Keto/Carnivore diets to improve Metabolic Health and prevent heart disease. The Discovery of Low Carb/Keto/Carnivore helped Dr. Ovadia regained his own health and conquer life long challenges with obesity


Quotes from this Episode: 

“My parents remind me that from a very young age that I always wanted to be a “sturgeon”, not just a doctor.”

“I no longer fall in the paradigm that high LDL cholesterol is the cause of heart disease”.

“I’m most passionate about spreading the message of metabolic health to as many people that will hear it”.

“While on the Obesity surgery rotation, I discovered that my personal obesity numbers qualified me for weight loss surgery”

“Heart Surgery is just the band aid, moving forward patients have to change something or they’ll be back on my table”.

“Half of the patients I operate on have normal to low cholesterol levels”.

“Get back to eating how your parents and grand parents you used eat… Eat Whole Real Foods”

“We thought that low fat was going to be the way to health.. and we now have evidence that isn’t the case”.

“People don’t expect to be healthy anymore…. Medication and poor health is part of the aging process”.

“Why can’t we be healthy for the vast majority of our life”?

“You have to train your body to work off of fat instead of sugar”.

“Eggs are a good nutrition source, eggs have everything in them to to grow a new chicken”.

“Pay attention to how you feel eating certain foods and Eat the food the foods that make you feel good”.

“The difficult part of my job isn’t doing the surgery, the difficult part of my job on who to do surgery on”.


Doug’s Discovered Biography:

Dr. Ovadia has always wanted to be a surgeon from day one! Born to be a surgeon! Raised in a home where nutrition was often discussed and strictly followed as his brother was a Type 1 Diabetic. Although following the “best diet recommendations” he and his entire family struggled with Obesity. Which led Philip on the weight loss roller coaster. At age 40, Philip discovered Low Carb/Keto/Carnivore, which is outside the professional norms. That changed his life! Now, Philip is a renegade and wants to share his message with anyone that ready to hear it!