Ron Clifford: Podcast Episode 15

Bio from Ron’s Website:

Ron always says: “do what you can’t help but do.”

“For me, that means exploring the natural world, photographing the people and places in it, and helping others to do the same.”  I’m Ron Clifford, a photographer, an educator and speaker

Quote from this Episode: 

“I was born an artist, knew it from the age of 10”

“Artist asks what can I add to create a masterpiece, a Photographer asks what can I take away to create a masterpiece”

“Your job is finished, a retoucher’s job will be replaced by photoshop! 6 months later I was out of a job!”

“Went to a full time photographer in 3 years”

“I’m an educator, that’s what I love to do!”

“I want to write that blog post, How I lost 3 Million followers”

“My greatest success is the relationship I have with my children”

“I get excited about seeing a student hit the next level!”

“I want to be able to tell success story after success story…I want to see students reach their goals “

“To a young Ron: Don’t take yourself so seriously and lower your expectations”

“I need to be making a different in leveling up others along side of me.”

“The greatest accomplishment in life is being part of humanity, contributing to others”

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Ron is an educator at heart and a mentor’s mentor! Ron has a unique ability to help others find their path and reach their goals.

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