Tim Wambach: Podcast Episode 19

Fun podcast with Tim Wambach. Tim is a public speaker, coach, organizer and dreamer! Definitely a fun chat to discover Tim’s Biography!

Quotes from this episode! 

“I was the kid that organized the football game on the day for the first snow! Football and snow are the best! “

“Tony Robbins made me believe that the life I wanted to live was possible “

“I took a long road to become a public speaker.”

“Maintaining a positive mental attitude takes work”

“I went from a couch potato to an elite endurance athlete in 6 weeks.”

“Its easy to connect the dots going backwards, but its not always a straight path going forward”

“Since I was younger I was always to know more about health and fitness”

“The two threads that have been constants in my life have been: Personal development and health and fitness “

“I want to help overweight dads reclaim their health and energy. I wanna help other crack the code to their own health.. “

“Just because you’re not young anymore doesn’t mean your old”

“You can’t out train a bad diet”

“Eliminating processed food is a great start to reclaiming health “

“I’m a life long student…”

“I want to give my family as many peak experiences as I can..”

“I ran from Orlando, FL to Chicago, IL, twice! Once over 700 miles the second was over 1000 miles in 40 days”.


Connect with Tim!

Instagram @Flexingfatherhood, Twitter: @Timwambach

And Flexingfatherhood.com is on coming soon!


Doug’s Discovered Biography:

Tim Is a life long learner and organizer of people! From the baseball fields as a youngster to leading seminars to now changing the lives of Dads… Tim’s approach is to “keep on keepin’ on! “


And it is the Barna Group, Barna.com that is doing the research on Church growth and the correlation of Christianity grown vs church growth.