Smile through the bangs

Wanted to get a capture of my daughter before she got her hair trimmed!



Edited with Nik’s Analog Efex Pro2

via Photo a Day-2014

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Sunflower Textures

I like photographing sunflowers.


I like all the varying textures around Sunflowers. The greenery, the petals and the dark center.

I used the light above the stove for light and then I used Nik’s Analog Efex Pro2 and Perfect Photo Studio8 in post processing.


via Photo a Day-2014
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Fun with Sunflowers

Two Sunflowers!

Another day, another photo editing technique on these Sunflowers.

via Photo a Day-2014

Tried using the Stacks in Photoshop for this image. I was too lazy to pull out my tripod so I took 4 exposures handheld but moved the focus spot in each exposure.  I then opened up all 4 images in Adobe Photoshop 2014CC, loaded each of the files into a Stack and the aligned the layers as a stack.  It’s not perfect but it basically achieved what I was looking for.  One image captured fairly wide open with a broader range of focus. At the end I loaded up the stacked file into Perfect Photo Effects 8 and applied a few filters to adjust the contrast.

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Palm Fronds…and some thoughts a few days away from the PAD half way mark!

I liked the textures in these Palm Fronds


So I have trouble spelling Fronds. For some reason when I say Palm Fronds, I hear Palm Frawns, kind of like Prawns. So I kept spelling it Frawns and my computer spell check kept notifying me of my error. I finally googled Palm Frawns and found that it really is spelled Palm Fronds. Also, I’m only a few days from the half way mark in this years Photo a Day… I have to say that I’ve been going through a bit of a lull in my daily photos. Many days its just a quick snap here or there… I still enjoy the challenge personally so I’ll keep going. I wish I had more time to blog about the thought process each day though. Maybe that’s something I’ll try and incorporate more in the last half of the year.


This is a low light hand-held exposure of a few Palm Fronds in my back yard,(I have photographed it in the past) and I edited it with Aperture and Perfect Photo Effects 8. If you’re looking to add to your photo editing toolkit OnOneSoftware has a great summer bundle for $99.

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J Dancing in the Pool!

Fun times in the pool!



via Photo a Day-2014
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Fun Pink Flowers

The bouquet of flowers from the past week are still hanging in there!


via Photo a Day-2014
Edited with Perfect Photo Studio 8.5, Get it while it’s on sale until the end of the week!
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Swim Time

Swim Googles are always about summer around our house!


via Photo a Day-2014
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