Re-Sizing images,BIGGER, sometimes it’s the only option!

On occasion the camera or iPhone isn’t set to save the highest resolution images. This often isn’t a problem until you go to print or make a book for Mom! I recently created a Blurb book and found a few images that received a warning from Blurb that the images may not print well. Do to the nature of the images, I could have easily made them smaller and included them with other images, but I wanted to test out Perfect Resize 9 from OnOneSoftware. This is an application that uses math to build more pixels! The image on the left below is the original out of an iPhone 5S(1536×2048) and the image on the right has been resized to 16X20(4800×6000) image in Perfect Resize 9. If you click on the images you can evaluate the original images in your browser.


Image Resized with Perfect Resize 9 to 4800×6000



Original iPhone 5S image(1536 x 2048)

What’s great about Perfect Resize 9 is that you have the option to resize up to an appropriate print size. Most digital cameras shoot at 2×3 aspect ratio. Sometimes you want to print at 4×5. Instead of cropping and losing pixels, with Perfect Resize 9 you can upsize to 4×5. Obviously there are limits and images that won’t upsize well, but for many images that are composed well and lit well the software does an amazing job!

Perfect Resize 9 is part of the Perfect Photo Studio 9 and can be purchased separately or bundled in the studio version!


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The Presentation of Celiac Disease is Changing and a Dead Tree Photo!

I have no idea why dead trees catch my eye, but they do. I almost always take photos of them and never like the photos I take… I really don’t even like this image, which is why I had fun in Perfect Photo Suite 9, utilizing both Perfect Effects 9 and Perfect Effects B/W 9.

It’s a dead tree! I have seen some images of dead trees that are appealing! Those images have textures, the trees often appear lonely,  surrounded an amazing sky or background. There is more to the image than the dead tree! Maybe I’m trying to find that fantastic image! I guess I’ll keep photographing dead trees to find one that I like.

New Celiac Disease research

Recently  an article on Celiac Disease made the rounds on the various news sites, even made the DrudgeReport. The essence of the article was that celiac disease is occurring in patients that have non-classical symptoms.

Here’s the actual published paper: The changing clinical profile of celiac disease: a 15-year experience (1998-2012) in an Italian referral center

Classical symptoms are malabsorption-related issues, i.e. Diarrhea

Few bullets from the paper

  • 80% of the patients had symptoms(classical or non-classical), 20% had no symptoms at all, positive serology only
  • Of those with symptoms 66% had non-classical symptoms vs 34% with classical symptoms
  • Diarrhea as a symptom was only present in 27% of the patients
  • Aphthous Stomatitis(Chronic Canker Sores) occurred in 18% of the patients!
  • 1/2(52%) of the patients in the study had Osteoporosis/Osteopenia
  • 34% had Anemia
  • a large proportion of the diagnosed patients had other autoimmune disorders

A majority of patients that are diagnosed with Celiac Disease report no classical gastrointestinal symptoms. If we continue to look for classical symptoms we are missing  2/3rd of the potential patients that could benefit from a diagnosis.

There is still a stigma with a Celiac diagnosis. It’s often easier to get other diagnosis’ where there is a defined treatment. Have diabetes, take insulin; have arthritis, take medication, etc. Have Celiac Disease, clean out the kitchen, stop eating out with friends and eliminate all the foods that are fun to eat! Also, as someone that doesn’t have gastrointestinal issues related to gluten, we hear loud and clear from those that do!

As a clinician that looks for signs and symptoms related to Celiac Disease I run into the stigma of Celiac Disease. If I see a patient with Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis(Canker Sores) I’ll mention the data and often ask a few more questions and most of the time I will recommend that they talk to their physician about a possible Celiac Serology test. I often hear, “Doc, but I don’t have any stomach issues and I could never give up bread!” These patients on rare occasion get tested, because they don’t have the classical signs and symptoms.

I have talked with Physicians that write lab slips for Celiac tests that do not(less that 10%) get filled, the only ones that get filled are those that have classical symptoms. The patients read up on Celiac disease and think they could never give up cupcakes!

I don’t know how to change this stigma, but I do know we need clinicians to discover this research and start talking about the benefits of this diagnosis. Sadly, many cases the non-classical symptoms are there waiting for a clinician to recommend testing, but are missed. We in the Celiac community need to start talking about the benefits of our diagnosis and stop talking about leaky, bloated guts.  Nobody wants to hear about the last time we were glutened! We have a diagnosis that is treatable by what we eat and in many, the Gastrointestinal issues that were not issues before are better now and the non-classical symptoms improve as well! That is a good thing and should be embraced by clinicians and patients! Serology tests for Celiac Disease should be encouraged for those with both classical and non-classical symptoms.

As I keep photographing the elusive dead tree, we need to challenge the status quo of Celiac Disease!

Love to hear some feedback

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Trip to Valley of Fire State Park, NV

It had been around 30 years since I’d been to Valley of Fire. As a kid growing up there was an occasional trip out to the park, which is about 1.5 hours outside Las Vegas. It’s also the first time I’ve been able to bring my camera! I’m pretty sure I’ll be making a return trip!

This image was taken at the start of the White Domes Trail at around 1pm… I was here with my family, which means that it’s a great time for them and not so great for the photographer…. but that doesn’t mean I don’t try!

Canon 5d Mark iii, ƒ/7.1 t1/125 Post Process in Adobe Photoshop CC2014, and OnOneSoftware Perfect Photo Studio  9

One of the reasons we decided to try the White Domes Trail was the Slot Canyon! My kids were initially a bit scared of it’s sheer size but after they figured out that it wouldn’t fall down they had fun!

Canon 5d Mark iii, 1/320 sec at ƒ/2.8 Post Processing in Adobe Photoshop CC2014 and OnOneSoftware Perfect Photo Studio 9, View on Smugmug

One thing about this Fall Mid Afternoon trip to Valley of Fire was watching the light change on the rocks! Sure there are better times for better light but the November light was nice the whole afternoon…

Canon 5d Mark iii, 1/50 sec at ƒ/22 Post Processing Adobe Photoshop CC2014 and OnOneSoftware Perfect Photo Studio 9, View on Smugmug

If you take any hike and just look around you’ll often find these holes in the rocks, or the early beginnings of the sandstone arch forms. I enjoyed trying to capture it!

Canon 5d Mark iii, 1/13 sec at ƒ/22, Post Processing Adobe Photoshop CC2014 and OnOnesoftware Perfect Photo StudioView on Smugmug

As we were getting ready to leave the sun was getting ready to leave as well. So a stop at the Beehive which is on the way back home was perfect for the last light of the day! These are really run to check out. The kids had a great time playing here! After a long drive out with two complaining kids in the car, we literally had to bribe them to leave the Beehive area!

Canon 5d Mark iii, 1/800 sec at ƒ/9, Post Processing Adobe Photoshop CC2014 and OnOneSoftware Perfect Photo Studio 9 View on Smugmug

This was the first set of images that I was able to use the latest version of OnOne Software Perfect Photo Studio 9. It is a fun upgrade the Studio Version includes 7 specific plugins: Perfect Effects 9, Perfect Layers 9, Perfect Enhance 9,  Perfect Resize 9, Perfect Browse 9, Perfect B/W 9 and Perfect Portrait 9. Each of the 7 plugins can be purchased separately or as the studio version that is a great bundle! For more check out Perfect Photo Studio 9 from OnOne, Inc

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A Beach Sunset and Celiac Disease and the Brain

ISO 100 ƒ/22 at 4secs

Haven’t posted in awhile as life sometimes gets in the way! I recently spent the weekend in Southern California and was able to catch an incredible sunset. This was taken in Carlsbad, CA just south of the jeddy. I almost got completely wet as I miss judged the rising tide!

I edited this photo in Adobe Lightroom 5 and OnOneSoftware PerfectPhoto Effects 8. I’m really enjoying the Perfect Photo studio and can’t wait to try out Version 9 when it comes out soon! OnOneSoftware is currently having a pre-launch sale that includes a discount and added bonus materials…. Check it out here!

The New York Times recently published a fascinating article Can Celiac Disease Affect the Brain?

The article is a good review of where medical science is right now in regards to Celiac Disease and the brain. Some good anecdotal evidence from clinicians all over the globe that turned to a gluten free diet to see symptoms resolve like:

WHEN Andre H. Lagrange, a neurologist at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, saw the ominous white spots on the patient’s brain scan, he considered infection or lymphoma, a type of cancer. But tests ruled out both. Meanwhile, anti-epilepsy drugs failed to halt the man’s seizures. Stumped, Dr. Lagrange turned to something the mother of the 30-year-old man kept repeating. The fits coincided, she insisted, with spells of constipation and diarrhea.

That, along with an odd rash, prompted Dr. Lagrange to think beyond the brain. Antibody tests, followed by an intestinal biopsy, indicatedceliac disease, an autoimmune disorder of the gut triggered by the gluten proteins in wheat and other grains. Once on a gluten-free diet, the man’s seizures stopped; those brain lesions gradually disappeared. He made a “nearly complete recovery,” Dr. Lagrange told me.

There are also plenty of cases where neurological symptoms had no resolution with a gluten free diet. Neurological disorders are very complex. Celiac disease is very complex. It’s easy to take a few success stories and run with them, but treating human beings isn’t that simple. That doesn’t mean that removing gluten from a diet isn’t a worthy trial:

By one recent estimate, meanwhile, one in three Americans dabbles in a gluten-free diet. That vastly outnumbers those thought to have celiac disease — about 1 percent — or the (still unmeasurable) percentage of people with gluten sensitivity, estimated at slightly higher. And yet, the prevalence of celiac disease is indeed rising. Symptoms are increasingly understood to manifest beyond the gut, including occasionally in the brain. Gluten sensitivity may yet prove to be real and measurable.

In the future I think the research will show that gluten is an issue, for some it’s the only issue. For others it will be a small contributor to something else. I believe this is the tip of the ice berg and am hopeful that the research will help to uncover more in the future.

A couple of questions come to mind though. There are plenty of Celiac patients that don’t get better on a gluten free diet alone. I know personally I hit a wall in my recovery only removing gluten. It’s impossible to expect all Celiac patients with neurological issues to have resolution as well. Lots of research is being done correlating Celiac Disease to other diseases, maybe this research will help the celiac community figure out how to heal. When will a Celiac patient be able to know they have fully healed? Right now we are all guessing by how we feel!

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There is Ice in Iceland!

Iceland Ice

Ice on the black sand beach near Jökulsárlón Lagoon. 
I was able to spend two nights at the Lagoon and Beach. I don’t think the lagoon is considered a wonder of the world but it is to me!

The lagoon is magical! 

What magical places have you visited?

Iceland Ice, View on Smugmug

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Did You Photoshop That?

Yes, I photoshop every image!

Black Icelandic Horse

When I go back to Iceland I hope to spend some more time photographing the horses! They are beautiful! This guy was cool!

I often get asked whether or not I enhance my images. yes I do! Editing images is something I enjoy. It’s vital to the picture making process.
Expose the image, develop the image, just like we do with film.
Film is developed into negatives and the negatives are used to make prints. So yes, Photoshop is part of my digital darkroom.

Here’s a list of tools I use in my digital darkroom: I develop all of my photos in my digital

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Perfect Photo Studio 8 –
  • Nik Software
  • MacPhun
  • Perfectly Clear
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In a Cave, on the Edge of the Atlantic Ocean!

A view from a cave on the beach, near Vik, Iceland

View on Smugmug

When the tide is at normal levels this cave is full of sea water. Brian, our guide had never seen the tide out so far in numerous trips to this beach and even enabled him to hike around the corner and get a shot he had been eyeing for years! Brian thought I was right behind him, but I chickened out fearful of getting stuck as the tide moved back in. I did enjoy spending sometime in the cave and captured two different views. The one above and this one:

View on Smugmug

After seeing Brian’s image, I am a little bummed I didn’t follow. Will not chicken out next time!

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