Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon-Iceland

We went back to the Glacial Lagoon for night number 2 and scored an amazing sunset that lasted for hours! The Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon is Magical!
Glacial Lagoon

Sunset on the Glacial Lagoon

I’ve also started to add more photos to my Iceland 2014 gallery on my Smugmug Page…. There are even a few more shots from the Glacial Lagoon that I may blog about…

I like this image due to the fact that you get a sense of scale with the large mountain in the back and very small piece of ice in the foreground and of course the reflection of the incredible sky on the water helps too!

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I’m a Fan of Lightroom 5 Smart Previews

Adobe Lightroom 5 Smart Previews make fairly large jpegs of all your RAW files. If you don’t care about Smart Previews then just scroll down to see one of my favorite images from the Glacial Lagoon and Beach.
I just recently started using Lightroom having transitioned from Apple’s Aperture, when Apple decided to stop development of Aperture. Like Aperture, Lightroom allows you to store your images in a different location(i.e. an external drive) and only references the files. Lightroom acts as a database to organize all the photos that could be spread out over multiple drives.
I store my Raw files on external drives to keep my local hard drive space freed up. If something happens to the drive where the Raw images are stored, you lose your images even though a place holder image shows up in Aperture or Lightroom. In Aperture you couldn’t do edit the image if the referenced file was not connected. I have lost quite a few images due to external drive failure to other issues.
Lightroom 5 will create something called a Smart Preview. Smart Previews will allow you use the develop module on your images even if the referenced files are not connected. This is convenient in that if you store your files at home and then take your Laptop somewhere you can still work on photos in the Develop module. Smart Previews will not allow you use plug ins or edit the file in say Photoshop since all the menus to do that are grey. But one thing you can do is export a JPEG file. And this JPEG is roughly half the pixel size of the original RAW file. If the Raw File is say 5500 pixels wide on the long edge, then the JPEG that is exported is roughly half that dimension. This is great! No matter what happens to your referenced file Lightroom will preserve a decent sized JPEG file of the original. According to Smugmug’s Photo Labs an image 2200 pixels on the longest edge is enough data to get large prints up to 40″.
So, I had never used Lightroom before until my trip to Iceland and every night I would save my images to an external drive and import them to Lightroom and create Smart Previews. So I have Smart Previews of all my images as I wait to hear about the condition of my damaged drive.
So until then I’m going to keep sharing images(thanks to Smart Previews) from Iceland!
These are the cool ice bergs that flow out of the Glacial Lagoon and into the Atlantic Ocean and then are washed up onto the beach!

If there is one place in all of Iceland that one must go, it’s to the Glacial Lagoon and Beach… Its magical.
On our first night at the Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon we had clouds and rain, in fact for most of the time on the beach we were cursing around the rain, but that didn’t really deter us. In fact the only reason we could be pulled away from the beach in the rain at 2am was a promise to return the next night.
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River Below Oxararfoss-Iceland

This is the separation of the North American and European Tectonic plates… It’s a lovely walk and Waterfall!


This is the first stop on the Golden Circle tour that leaves from Reykjavik, Iceland. The separation in the basalt is split between the North American and European tectonic plates. The right side is North America and the left is Europe. It’s a fun and easy hike to this location. We were there at around 11pm and were the only people there!

Also, a few notes for those that bother to read my little outpost on the internet. I’ll be making some changes in how and when I post. For the past few months I’ve been posting images from my daily photo project(changes are coming to that as well!) that I have been doing for the past 3 or so years.

Any changes that I’ve been pondering have been placed on hold until I get my hard drive with all the Raw Files back from The Data Rescue Center. Just as I was getting ready to back up my external hard drive that contained all the Raw Files from my trip to Iceland I dropped it from my desk to the carpeted floor in my office, picked it up and plugged it in and all I heard was click,click, click…. Wouldn’t load. Tried to access it with recovery software and nothing. So the Data Rescue Center has it now and has determined that the drive head is broken, so they’ll have to transfer my drive parts to a good drive head and hopefully be able to clone the data onto a new drive. Fingers crossed and should know in a few days.

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Fun with the Olloclip in Iceland!

This is the inside looking up at the ceiling of the Lutheran Church in Reykjavik, Iceland. I took this with the Fisheye Olloclip on the iPhone 5S It’s a bit grainy but cool in that you can see the large pipe organ and the front of the church in one photo!

I purchased the Olloclip on a whim from a Kiosk at the airport before my departure. (I went to the kiosk to buy some headphones as I always lose the pair I bought on a previous trip right before I head out on my next trip.) I saw the Ollocilp in the kiosk and remember seeing a few posts from my networks about it and decided to go for it! I’m glad I did. It turned out to be a fun add-on!

OlloclipOne fairly big caveat, the Olloclip fits very snug to the iPhone 5S and won’t fit over a case. Either the case needs to be pulled back from that section near the camera or removed all the way. I had to remove the case all together. Another smaller caveat is that there is no way that I could figure out to use the Olloclip on the forward facing camera, so taking a fisheye selfie can’t be achieved easily. It only works with the  camera on the back of the iPhone.
The Olloclip comes with 4 different lens adapters in one clip. A Fisheye, a Wide Angle, a 10x Macro and a 15x Macro. The Fisheye and the Wide angle are easily used, the Macro’s require you to unscrew either the Fisheye or Wide Angle(the red tubes will unscrew and leave the Macro lenses below).

Here are a few more sample images from the Olloclip!


Outside Hallgrímskirkja

Sun Voyager-Fisheye


Inside Harp-Reykjavik


10x Macro-Olloclip

Skogafoss-Regular iPhone 5s capture


Skogafoss-iPhone 5S capture with Wide Angle Olloclip


Skogafoss-iPhone 5S with Fisheye Olloclip

Overall I’m a fan of the Olloclip enough that I’ve started to carry it in my pocket on occasion for some fun captures out and about with my family! If you have an iPhone I’d definitely pick one up! If you purchase using this amazon link I will earn a few shekels…. Thanks!


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Sunny Winglet on IcelandAir to Reykjavik!

Jumped on an IcelandAir flight from Seattle to Reykjavik. Technically this flight is a redeye as it leaves at 4:30pm in Seattle and arrives in Reykjavik at 6am… I had mentally prepared for a few hours of darkness but the sun never left the winglet! It never got dark! And I wouldn’t see night for an entire week!


Here are a few other photos from my Flight to Reykjavik:


These ladies were kind enough to move my seat to an exit row with extra leg room!

Icelandic Glacier Water
Cold Icelandic Glacial Water as your board an IcelandAir flight!

Welcome to Iceland!

This is the welcome sign at the Keflavik Airport right as you take the escalator to baggage claim!…


Overall it was a pleasant flight over the Canadian tundra and Greenland.

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Hossa Leaf

Playing with the textures of this Hossa Leaf
via Photo a Day-2014 http://ift.tt/TvnnC1
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Pool Waterfall

Didn’t really think I’d like the LED pool lights, but I do! I have them come on every evening.
via Photo a Day-2014 http://ift.tt/1lowYkY
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