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Celiac Lab Tests are Tests, Pieces of the Diagnostic Puzzle

Lab Tests and Celiac Disease Recently I found another Don’t Go Gluten Free Until You’ve Been Tested article posted on KevinMD. It’s a frustrating article to read. If testing was so easy and accurate: Would the age of celiac diagnosis still average 40-50 years of age? Isn’t this a child’s disease? Would the current time to diagnosis… Continue Reading

Transplanting Good Bacteria to Fight Disease?

So a group of researchers have studied the effects of Fecal Transplants, or Transplanting Good Bacteria to Fight Disease! The team had initially planned to recruit 120 patients in total, but the trial was stopped early because the difference between the groups was so dramatic. They found that faecal transplants were three to four times… Continue Reading

Who Knew Kraut Could Be This Good!

I never really liked Kraut as a kid, but since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease I’ve looked to Fermented Foods for their health benefits. Things like KimChi, Kefir, yogurt and Krauts. I’ve finally found something that I really like! It’s Farmhouse Culture Smoked Jalapeño Kraut. I get it at Whole Foods but you can order… Continue Reading

Is Organic Food More Nutritious? I’m not sure…

Is Organic Produce More Nutritious Than Non-Organic Produce? It’s an interesting question I’ve been considering lately as I’ve moved towards purchasing more organically grown groceries. So I decided to look into some research. Here’s a review of Organic Foods from the Mayo Clinic: Organic food: Is it more nutritious? The answer isn’t yet clear.… Continue Reading

Melatonin and GERD-Acid Reflux

I recently attended a course about all things related to Gut Health! Heard about a couple of interesting uses of Melatonin. Melatonin is often used to help circadian cycles and improve sleep, but it also has a wide variety of other uses as well. Here’s a fairly recent study( that shows how Melatonin can be helpful to those… Continue Reading

Vegan Butter For Vegan English Toffee

Attempting Vegan English Toffee with Earth Balance Butter Sticks/Spreads It’s a family tradition to make English Toffee for friends and family around the holidays. The recipe is simple: 1 Cup of Butter, or Margarine, or Vegan Butter 1 Cup of Sugar 1 Cup of Almonds Enough Chocolate to cover the slab of toffee. After lots… Continue Reading

Dad: Is it OK to eat apple seeds?

I was recently asked this question by my 4 year old daughter and I reflexively said no to eating apple seeds and then I found this article. I don’t recommend eating apple seeds, and it is not because a tree will grow … via The World’s Healthiest Foods I’m a bit skeptical that a… Continue Reading

Sparkling Ice!

Never Tire of Ice on Ice Beach   On a gray and rainy morning, we ventured out to find some Glacier Ice on Black Sand Beach of Jokulsarlon! And my partner at On1 Software is having a sweepstakes, til the end of the month

Stormy Greenland

Stormy Greenland

Or a storm clearing It was fun watching the storm clear in the Fjords of Scoresby Sound, Greenland! In this area of the Fjord, many of these mountain peaks are 1000-2000m or roughly 3000-6000ft tall! I had seen images from Greenland and this area, but I never found any that accurately displayed the size and scope…

From Above the Donna Wood

From Above the Donna Wood

Cool, view from up here! The Donna Wood is owned and operated by the North Iceland Sailing Company. Iceland-Photo-Tours charters the Donna Wood for photo adventures in Scoresby Sound, Greenland! I had no idea we could climb to the top of the mast, but my son inquired about having a Peter Pan moment and our…

Magical Waterfalls – Iceland

The Water Just Appears I had seen images from Hraunfossar and wanted to visit it, I just didn’t know where it was! On a recent Iceland visit, we hunted the location down and got to visit it on the way to Kirkjufell! Usually, when you see a waterfall you also see a river or body…

Crystal Ice-Jökulsárlón Iceland

Crystal Ice on the Black Sand Beach A late July rain arrived the same morning I did to the Jökulsárlón Black Sand – Ice Beach. I almost didn’t venture out in the rain. My first trip with my 11-year-old son and had to let him experience it! I’ve been to this beach many times and…

Discover Possibilities

Kirkjufell Reflections In my “How I made the Shot on iPhone Campaign” post, I discussed the idea of discovering something is possible. Knowing something is possible is often where the idea ends. Possibilities for financial freedom, finding a great work/life/family balance, traveling,  and achieving world peace, often seem against the odds. Knowing something is possible…

More Shot on iPhone Ice Cave locations!

More Shot on iPhone Ice Cave locations!

Paris, NYC,Columbus, SF, Dehli, and a New Hollywood billboard It’s still exciting to see images come in from around the world, so don’t hesitate to send in a photo if you happen to see the Ice Cave #shotoniphone ad anywhere in the world! I believe they will be up for a few more weeks, but…



Found the Puffins in the West Fjords, Iceland, finally! Having never been to the West Fjords, we decided to explore starting in Grundarfjörður, Iceland which is on Snæfellnes Peninsula and make our way to LÁTRABJARG in the West Fjords. There are two ways to get there in a car. One is driving the whole way, and the other…

Sun That Never Sets

Sun That Never Sets

Summer in Greenland The first night on the Donna Wood was filled with the excitement of what was to come! Earlier in the day at 10:00 am, we boarded an Air Greenland flight in Reykjavik bound for Constable Point, Greenland. Constable Point Greenland is on the east coast of Greenland near Scoresby Sound. It’s an airstrip with…

Updated Shot on iPhone-Ice Cave Locations #4

Updated Shot on iPhone-Ice Cave Locations #4

Montreal, Hamburg, an Australian Magazine and more! This weeks update is exciting! Montreal The Montreal location was a bit challenging to find as my best guess was not correct at all, but my new friend and friend of a friend Nicole Best ( from Montreal tracked it down on a busy freeway. As she was…

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