Is a Healthy Diet Enough or is Supplementation a Good Thing

I often hear and personally still believe that it’s possible to get all the required vitamins and minerals from a healthy diet(we’ll leave what a healthy diet is for another day).

I believe this can be achieved with an intentional plan. Dr. Wahls from the University of Iowa School of Medicine has used a whole food protocol to successfully treat her own Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.

Here’s a video of her journey:

Dr. Wahl’s started her journey to health with Nutritional Supplements to feed her Mitochondria! Which led to tailoring a diet to replace the supplements. Her diet is intentional for her health. The Nutritional Supplements gave her a glimpse of what healthy cells could do for her health.

I like to think of Nutritional Supplements as a booster for the cells. Yes, it’s possible to feed our cells with diet alone. It should also be the goal. But I also realize that life gets in the way and those 6 cups of organic green leafy veggies don’t get eaten each day! I believe supplements can help transition to eating and feeling better.

A baseline level of nutrients daily through supplementation is probably a good thing.

I have found that when I include nutritional supplements daily, I ¬†want to make better food choices during my day. I don’t have a debilitating disease like MS but I do have an autoimmune disease, Celiac Disease, which means that my intestinal lining has been damaged by the consumption of wheat. I want baseline levels for my cells. My diagnosis required a diet change, removal of all wheat products from my diet. My diagnosis also showed damage to my small intestine that is usually reversible, under the correct conditions. I use supplements to hopefully help the repair of my small intestine. I think of it as belt and suspenders.

Unfortunately, just like diets, not all nutritional supplements are the same. It’s important to find a quality source, a companies that have been around for awhile with a long track record, utilizing the highest quality ingredients in the correct ratios. Looking for the Best Value may or may not be the best choice.

So what say you? Do you supplement?