So Wheat Causes Gut Inflammation in All Humans

I remember hearing a lecture given by Dr. Alessio Fasano,  head of the Celiac Center for Research and Treatment, a leading researcher in Celiac Disease and Gluten related disorders. In the lecture he mentioned that the human body was not capable of digesting the protein gluten. I finally found a reference to that comment in this interview to the Tender Foodie
Here’s the question and answer:

TF:  That sounds like everyone is gluten intolerant in some way.  Is that true?  Everyone?

Dr. Fasano: Yes.  No one can properly digest gluten.  We do not have the enzymes to break it down.  It all depends upon how well our intestinal walls close after we ingest it and how our immune system reacts to it.

More of the interview can be found here:

So all humans develop some sort of intestinal wall breakdown eating wheat/gluten. Those like me with Celiac Disease and those that suffer with Gluten Sensitivity have delayed healing of the intestinal walls. When the intestinal walls open that initiates an immune response. I like to think of it revving up the immune system. It puts it on high alert and keeps it on high alert as long as wheat/gluten is consumed.

I’ve noticed that my seasonal allergies are all but gone now that I have have been on a gluten free diet to treat Celiac Disease. I believe that my seasonal allergies were related to a revved up immune system caused from the damage to my intestinal lining.

I wonder what percentage of allergies and inflammatory disorders begin with a piece of bread that puts the immune system in action. I’m not talking about an allergy to wheat or gluten, which does occur in less than 1% of the population, I’m talking about an immunologic cascade that begins at the gut lining after the ingestion of wheat.

I think Hippocrates was onto something: All diseases begin in the gut.

If you have been gluten free for awhile have you noticed any changes in seasonal allergies?  Or reduction in inflammatory conditions? Have you noticed no change in symptoms?