Melatonin and GERD-Acid Reflux

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I recently attended a course about all things related to Gut Health! Heard about a couple of interesting uses of Melatonin. Melatonin is often used to help circadian cycles and improve sleep, but it also has a wide variety of other uses as well. Here’s a fairly recent study( that shows how Melatonin can be helpful to those that suffer from Acid Reflux(GERD).
Here’s the conclusion of the study:

“From the results of our study, it can be concluded that melatonin could be used in the treatment of GERD either alone or in combination with omeprazole. The combination therapy of both melatonin and omeprazole is preferable as melatonin accelerates the healing effect of omeprazole and therefore shortens the duration of treatment and minimizes its side effects.”

Seems reasonable(but always a good idea to ask your physician first) to give a few milligrams of Melatonin before bed a try for those that suffer from GERD.