Water Reflections at Badwater, Death Valley NP

Not quite a lake, but still quite a bit of water in Badwater

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The water level in the Badwater salt flats was dropping fast from recent rains but still offered interesting reflections amongst the salt lines.

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Soothing Salt Lines
Soothing Salt Lines

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Death Valley Serene

Death Valley Serene

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Badwater Reflections

Badwater Reflections


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Sunset at Preacher’s Point-Abraham Lake

Sunset on Abraham Lake at Preacher’s Point

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Preacher’s Point is the beginning of Abraham Lake. It’s where the river enters the lake, which means this area is quite a bit shallower than other parts of the lake. There are cracks and ice breaks and even a few spots where you can step in the river if not careful!

From a composition angle, Preacher’s Point has many more options than other parts of Abraham Lake. The options are endless!

Here are two images from an evening at Preacher’s Point.

Distant Alpenglow(click on the image for a larger version)

Morning Alpenglow

Abraham Lake Sunrise Alpenglow

A few wispy clouds to the west at sunset too! (Click on the image for a larger version)

Preacher's Bubbles Sunset

Sunset over Preacher’s Point, Abraham Lake

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Interesting Ice Bubbles on Abraham Lake

Who doesn’t love the Ice Bubbles on Abraham Lake in Alberta Canada?

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I don’t remember the first time I saw a photo of the methane bubbles on Abraham Lake, but I remember finding them so interesting that I had to make a plan to go visit them one day! Abraham Lake is in the Canadian Rockies about 3 hours northwest of Calgary, in between Jasper and Banff… Here are the first two images.

I enjoyed watching the sun dance across the peaks of the Candian Rockies, the bubbles make for an interesting visual element.

Belly of Abraham Alpen Glow

Alpen Glow Over Abraham Lake


The clouds around the mountain peaks also caused addition visual interest to the frozen bubble filled lake.

Bubbles and Cracks

Bubbles and Cracks, Abraham Lake

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It was a challenge to shoot the frozen bubbles. In order to make the bubbles appear as a strong foreground element you need to get as low and close to them as possible! This often meant laying belly down on the sheet of ice! Here’s a photo of me on the frozen lake.

I do recommend these MICROSpikes from Kahtoola(Amazon link) for working on the ice. They provide good traction and are easy to put on and take off when all bundled up!

More Ice Reflections

Blue Ice

This post concludes my series from the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. The first image Floating Ice and the second image Ice Reflections.

This series allowed me to reflect a bit! I guess there’s something about the blue reflecting glow on the glasslike water.

As a parent of grade school children, I do wonder about the future. Specifically, the types of careers available ten years from now?

Automation through robots and artificial intelligence are here. Jobs are vanishing before our eyes. Making a living as a delivery driver will soon become extinct through driverless trucks. Making a living in the new future will be far different than now!

So the question is how people will make a living in the future?

I know there are smarter people than me trying to figure this out, but what used to be a far off thought experiment is rapidly becoming a reality. I suppose it’s never a bad to reflect on the hard questions in life!



Iceland Glacier Lagoon Reflections

More Reflections at Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Iceland Reflections

As I wrote recently here about the calm water at the lagoon on my summer visit, this is another image that captures the glassy water and iceberg reflections!

I like the blue hues and tones and imagine floating through the ‘bergs on a paddleboard!

I have been to the Glacier Lagoon a few times in the past few years and have heard of people paddle boarding around the icebergs, but have never seen anyone doing it. ArcticSurfers do paddleboard tours at the Glacier Lagoon! I don’t have any experience with ArcticSurfers but their info page on their website looks legitimate. If anyone has tried PaddleBoarding at the Glacier Lagoon I’d love to hear a first-hand experience! Thanks!


Floating Ice

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon
Floating Ice

Something soothing about these large chunks of glacier ice that are floating through the lagoon out to the ocean.

This was one of the few times I’ve been to the lagoon with almost no wind. Long exposures are difficult here as the ice chunks flow. Long exposures are a great way to create glassy water. The challenge here is that the ice flows through the lagoon, therefore a long exposure will lead to blurred ice too!

This ice is also glacier ice, therefore it’s thousands of years old!

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Sublime Decay

Beautiful Antelope Canyon

Sublime Decay

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I keep going back to my Antelope Canyon images and keep discovering images that are interesting to me! This is one that I stumbled on recently. The texture, the light, the colors are pretty neat here!

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Purple Rock Waves

Lower Antelope Canyon

Purple Waves

The textures and colors in a slot canyon are amazing! I just loved the colors from purple to orange. Click on the image for a larger version!

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So, I guess I missed the memo that today was a holiday! So I went to work! I was struck by how quiet the roads were, I was shocked at how busy the grocery store was on the way home! It was like nobody had been home in two weeks and needed food!

Also, my sister Wendy Retzer, just blogged about a pretty cool webinar called Miracle Zone 2017 check it out!

Bring on 2017

January 1, 2017 Let’s go!

Mesa Sunstar

This image is a favorite from 2016 sunrise at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park. You can see a full-screen version and print options here.

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I’ve never been much of a resolution guy, but I do set goals and intentions.

I intend to keep expanding my photography, keep learning and growing

I intend to keep growing personally and professionally

I can’t wait to see what fun the year is going to be!

Bring it on!


Sandstone Fins

Delicate Fins at Little Finland

In a previous post, I posted some night photography images from Little Finland. In this post, I’ll share some images of delicate fins in the daylight! It’s a location I hope to return so I can capture more of the delicate fins!

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I call this Desert Minefield
Desert Minefield

I stumbled across this area and was intrigued by how this occurred. I still wonder how it happened!

Desert Erosion

This reminded me of a jet taking off or hood ornament!

Ready for Liftoff

Here’s a pre-dawn version of the Raptor!


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