Northern Lights of Norway!

Finally got to see the Northern Lights!

Seeing—and photographing!—the Northern Lights has long been on my bucket list. So, from transportation, accommodations, and all the usual travel details, I had planned as much as I could several months in advance for my recent trip to Lofoten, Norway. Still, there was one thing which was decidedly out of my hands —the weather.

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Utakliev Beach, Lofoten Norway

A very active Aurora Borealis above Utakliev Beach in Lofoten, Norway.

During the middle of winter, the Northern Lights (also known as the Aurora Borealis) are stunning in that part of the world. But, if I reached Lofoten during a cloudy stretch, I wouldn’t be able to see a thing. All I could do was eye the weather reports and hope for a few clear nights.

On my very first night in Lofoten, darkness fell, revealing clear skies and a very small Aurora Borealis. Sadly, the next seven nights were cloudy and alternately filled with rain or snow. It seemed as if I would be “skunked” this time around. But on the very last evening? Success! The skies cleared and erupted in breathtaking green. The Aurora Borealis was still active by the time I reached Utakliev Beach, and I was able to capture “Norway’s Northern Lights.”

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