Orange Beach Glow

Carlsbad Sunset Almost Missed

For every gorgeous sunset, I have been lucky enough to capture on film there are scores of others that get away from me. Sometimes I’m a few minutes too late. Sometimes too many clouds muscle in, obscuring my view. And, sometimes, admittedly, a particular sunset just doesn’t look as spectacular when photographed.

But waiting and watching to see what Mother Nature decides to display is one of my favorite parts of sunset

Orange Carlsbad Glow
A “missed” sunset on the beach in Carlsbad, California.

photography. I snapped this image of a beach drenched in deep orangey-reds during a family visit to Carlsbad, California. My sister, her family, and I had just finished dinner when I looked at the clouds, decided to grab my gear and go hunt the sunset.

We briskly headed to the beach and ran into some friends along the way. Insisting we’d already missed the sunset, our friends walked away from the beach, but we pressed on. The sun itself may have disappeared, but in its place, these fiery, orange clouds materialized. I may not always be able to shoot a perfect sunset, but I think watching what’s left of the sun as it colors the surrounding clouds is certainly beautiful in its own way.

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