Purple Rock Waves

Lower Antelope Canyon

Purple Waves

The textures and colors in a slot canyon are amazing! I just loved the colors from purple to orange. Click on the image for a larger version!

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So, I guess I missed the memo that today was a holiday! So I went to work! I was struck by how quiet the roads were, I was shocked at how busy the grocery store was on the way home! It was like nobody had been home in two weeks and needed food!

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Bring on 2017

January 1, 2017 Let’s go!

Mesa Sunstar

This image is a favorite from 2016 sunrise at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park. You can see a full-screen version and print options here.

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I’ve never been much of a resolution guy, but I do set goals and intentions.

I intend to keep expanding my photography, keep learning and growing

I intend to keep growing personally and professionally

I can’t wait to see what fun the year is going to be!

Bring it on!


Sandstone Fins

Delicate Fins at Little Finland

In a previous post, I posted some night photography images from Little Finland. In this post, I’ll share some images of delicate fins in the daylight! It’s a location I hope to return so I can capture more of the delicate fins!

Here’s a link to the full gallery: Photos from Little Finland. Prints are available at that link or by contacting me directly, either leave a comment below or connect via my Facebook Page 

I call this Desert Minefield
Desert Minefield

I stumbled across this area and was intrigued by how this occurred. I still wonder how it happened!

Desert Erosion

This reminded me of a jet taking off or hood ornament!

Ready for Liftoff

Here’s a pre-dawn version of the Raptor!


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Starry Night at Little Finland

Astrophotography at Little Finland, NV

Had the opportunity to spend some time in this remote section of Southern Nevada. I’m not sure I’ve seen such delicate fins of sandstone anywhere. We were there on a cloudless night which allowed for experimentation in astrophotography.

I’ve created a Little Finland Photo Gallery where you can find larger versions. Prints are also available there or by contacting me directly.

Here’s a partial view of the Milky Way! The Galactic center had already set to the west this time of the year, but this was still fun to see and photograph.
Star Concert

I think this looks like a Raptor, what say you? We experimented with light painting on the Raptor! Light Painting is something that I hope to continue to work on! It’s more challenging than I had thought it would be. Shooting long exposures to capture the stars means you don’t need a lot of light on the rocks. A little glow will do!


These fins were impressive! I’d love to hear some ideas on what these look like! We did some light painting here as well,

Starry Fins

Here’s our campsite under the Milky Way!

Fun Watching the Sunset at Canyonlands NP

Big Vista- Canyonlands National Park

I have started a new Arizona/Utah Gallery on SandquistPhotography.com, and this image resides there as well!

This is the view from the Green River Overlook in Canyonlands National Park, near Moab, UT. The vista is incredible, and the drop off seems like a few hundred feet! An interesting study of erosion and the power of water.

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Sparkling Ice!

Never Tire of Ice on Ice Beach
Ice Beach


On a gray and rainy morning, we ventured out to find some Glacier Ice on Black Sand Beach of Jokulsarlon!

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Stormy Greenland

Or a storm clearing

Stormy Greenland

It was fun watching the storm clear in the Fjords of Scoresby Sound, Greenland! In this area of the Fjord, many of these mountain peaks are 1000-2000m or roughly 3000-6000ft tall! I had seen images from Greenland and this area, but I never found any that accurately displayed the size and scope of these peaks. Sadly, my image above doesn’t do them justice either! This area is also a narrow channel and the mountains rise straight up on both sides. And to think that our boat of 20 people were the only humans with miles and miles(or km’s and km’s!)

Greenland unlike any place I’ve ever visited made me realize how big and amazing our Earth is!

Yes, we live in unsettled times but we also live in amazing times in that travel is possible to the far ends of the Earth.

Discover what’s possible and Go!

From Above the Donna Wood

Cool, view from up here!

From Above the Donna Wood

The Donna Wood is owned and operated by the North Iceland Sailing Company. Iceland-Photo-Tours charters the Donna Wood for photo adventures in Scoresby Sound, Greenland! I had no idea we could climb to the top of the mast, but my son inquired about having a Peter Pan moment and our guide Egill made it happen. Below are a few captures of my Son making his way up!

I had no idea we could climb to the top of the mast, but my son inquired about having a Peter Pan moment and our guide Egill made it happen. Below are a few iPhone captures of my Son making his way up!

img_9890 img_9906 img_9915

Don’t worry we were connected with a harness for safety. I was surprised my Son wanted to do it! He’s usually a bit wary about such adventures, but since he did it I had to go as well! I did swallow hard a few times as a few rungs of the rope ladder are broken. It was a great view from up there!

Magical Waterfalls – Iceland

The Water Just Appears


I had seen images from Hraunfossar and wanted to visit it, I just didn’t know where it was! On a recent Iceland visit, we hunted the location down and got to visit it on the way to Kirkjufell!

Usually, when you see a waterfall you also see a river or body of water above the falls. At Hraunfossar the water comes from springs below the basalt rock. It seemingly just appears!

I think the streams looks a bit like horsetails. Others think they look like tree trunks. Either way, Hraunfossar is a fun visit!

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