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New Softboxes! Fun Portrait.

Photo a Day 4/365 I just bought some new Soft Boxes for my Alien Bees Strobes. Since I don’t have a huge studio to move the strobes around I wanted larger soft boxes to diffuse the light better in smaller spaces. That’s the theory anyway. We’ll see if it works out that way. I almost… Continue Reading

Looking for a Blender?

I happen to really like my Blendtec Blender. And Amazon has these blender reduced right now. Check out Amazon’s Blendtec Blender Deals I use it for smoothies, shakes, soups and making almond meal for baking treats. I’ve even started making my own raw food protein bars with my blender! Continue Reading

Re-Thinking Deleting Photos…

After I wrote my article about How I Manage Photo Backups I started to consider why I don’t delete more photos. I then stumbled on this article: Deleting is Good For You via the Digital photography school. Here’s his workflow: “Reviewing your own image library needn’t be a big deal, I keep it to three… Continue Reading

Photo Backups- Here’s What I do.

Backing up photos has always been a hassle for me. I’ve lost hundreds if not thousands of photos over the years due to everything under the sun. I’ve had a computer hard drive die, had it replaced and all data gone, with no back up! I’ve accidentally deleted things, you name it I’ve probably done… Continue Reading

So Far, I Like the Nest Thermostat!

Nest Thermostat Reports In June 2012 I installed 2  Nest Thermostats (order them on Amazon) in my home.. It takes a few months for the Nest to learn our home’s temperature habits. Over the first few weeks, just adjust the temp to the temp you wish and it begins to learn those habits and then you… Continue Reading

My Personal Blogging Tools.

One of the challenges for me after actually writing something is getting the post up on the site, easily. Over the past year I’ve used MarsEdit as my desktop blogging platform. In fact i’m writing this from MarsEdit3. It allows me to easily save drafts for later, and allows me to switch to a browser… Continue Reading

The “accidental” Wedding Photographer

My Wife’s sister recently got married. A few months before the wedding she called me and asked if I would be her “Wedding Photographer”. I enjoy taking pictures and on occasion get a few good ones, but I don’t do weddings. I had photographed one wedding a few years before and decided at that time… Continue Reading

A Trial Run in Self Publishing

This morning I ordered a proof of my Father-in-Laws memoir, Thank You, America. Orphaned at a very early age in war torn South Korea. Forced to flee his village as an early teen because of the advancing North. With a little bit of luck and lots of perseverance he found his way to America to… Continue Reading

Updated Shot on iPhone-Ice Cave Locations #4

Updated Shot on iPhone-Ice Cave Locations #4

Montreal, Hamburg, an Australian Magazine and more! This weeks update is exciting! Montreal The Montreal location was a bit challenging to find as my best guess was not correct at all, but my new friend and friend of a friend Nicole Best ( from Montreal tracked it down on a busy freeway. As she was…

Quick trip to the Pacific Northwest

Recently made a quick trip to the mountains just east of Seattle, WA. Had a few opportunities for photography that’s different for me! All prints are available for purchase: or just click on any photo for more details. I use to host my photos and handle prints etc. They are currently having a sale and offering…

Moss Covered Trees

Rarely get a chance to capture moss covered trees! Recently I spent a few days in the Pacific Northwest. Just east of Seattle, WA to be more specific. I’ve photographed in this area before, but have never been able to capture much that excited me. This trip was different. Here are three images that I…

In the Moonlight at Bryce Canyon!

Before the Moonlight the Moon Rises My last visit to Bryce Canyon was 30+ years ago as a youngster with my family. It’s been on my list for quite awhile. Our first thought was to get there and shoot the stars over Bryce Canyon. Then we actually looked at the Moon Forecast and discovered it…

Finding Rainbows in the Desert

Sometimes there are two rainbows! Thanks for stopping by! If you’d like to receive email notification when I post here, use the email sign up in the upper right side of the page. I also post the images on my Photography Site ( where I do have prints available for purchase. The weather forecast for the…

Spring in Valley of Fire

Spring in Valley of Fire

Spring Beauty at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada Thanks for stopping by! I’d appreciate it if you’d subscribe using the subscribe box on the right! Valley of Fire is located approximately 40 miles North and East of Las Vegas. From Las Vegas, take the I-15 N towards Salt Lake City and take exit 75 and follow…

Sand Dune Sunrise-Death Valley

Dune Glow As I mentioned in the SuperBloom Post, we took a day trip to Death valley recently. We got to the parking lot at the Sand Dunes around 5:40am and the lot was 70% full already! I found my buddy Bernie’s car(we planned to meet up at the first Mesquite Sand Dune Parking lot…

Death Valley Super Bloom 2016

Wild Flower Super Bloom According to media reports Death Valley National Park is having the best Wildflower Super Bloom in 10 years. Check the Death Valley report on the SuperBloom. We made the just over 2 hour drive to meet friends at the Mesquite Sand Dunes to watch an incredible sunrise. We then spent the rest…

Wave Painting

Wave Painting

Creating Memories Painting Waves on Jokulsarlon Ice Beach, and I do have prints available! Just discovered this image as I had previously passed it over and worked on these other two images first: And this one which is a slightly different angle the first image posted: Creating these images was fun, challenging, memorable and scary! The…

Stormy Vestrahorn

Stormy Vestrahorn

Arrived at Vestrahorn just in the nick of time There had been clouds, snow showers and heavy wind all day, but there had been breaks in the clouds, something we hadn’t seen in days! We spent the morning at the Ice Beach had a quick break for lamb soup at lunch and were on our…

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