Re-Thinking Deleting Photos…

After I wrote my article about How I Manage Photo Backups I started to consider why I don’t delete more photos. I then stumbled on this article: Deleting is Good For You via the Digital photography school.

Here’s his workflow:

“Reviewing your own image library needn’t be a big deal, I keep it to three simple steps:

  1. Right after I import my images from the camera, I do a quick review and straight away delete any of the obvious rejects (blurry, wonky etc).
  2. Second step is to do all my post processing, again rejecting any obvious duds.  This is a great stage to save time by discarding any images which need more processing than reasonable.
  3. Lastly (and most difficult), I review my completed images.  This is where I make the difficult choices.  I’m a big fan of scoring and I use the 5 star rating system in Lightroom (my preferred post processing software) as a means of making sure I only keep the very best images.  Anything, which scores less than 3 out of 5, is a goner! “

Read more: 

If I had used his process above I would have quickly deleted this image well before it ever got uploaded anywhere! 

I don’t want to think of how many of these photos I have taking up bytes on hard drives everywhere. I think I’m going to start using his workflow from now on. 

Do you delete or do you keep?