Last Hint of Light to the West at 30,000ft!

This was a quick snap with my iPhone out the airplane window. The winglet is a bit blurry, but the glow on the horizon is neat.

Photo a Day 289/366

Just got back from a weekend trip where I helped mentored a course. It was the first time I traveled with just an iPhone and an iPad. Left the Laptop at home.

I was a bit worried I’d miss having a larger machine to work with. Never missed it. In fact I loved the fact that going through security was easier and not having to worry about the weight was nice as well.

I think the only issue would be inability to find a reliable wifi source. My hotel offered in room wifi  and Spear Education offered wifi to their students so I was fine either way. If I traveled lots I would consider adding a hotspot to my iPhone plan and then I could piggy back the iPad off iPhone. Right now, I think I can do without it.

I did miss having my larger camera with me a few times, but I also enjoy challenging myself to get interesting photos with an iPhone.

On mentoring

This was my first time ever helping out in this way. I really enjoyed it. It’s amazing how much you learn when you have to answer questions and teach it as well. I hope to do it again in the near future as well.