Wooden Spoon- Day 4/366 Photo a Day

Busy day at work today, left only some time to play with Kitchen Utensils. I have no idea where this spoon came from, but I liked the various colors, so I decided to play around with Depth of Field.

ISO 1000 ƒ3.5 t 1/30, plus an off camera flash bounced off the ceiling, placed at camera right

Here’s the saved jpg from the RAW:


A little washed out, so a few quick edits in Aperture(Mac App Link), a slight crop and a few other things as noted in the screen shot below:


Today’s image is not the greatest I’ve ever created, but I enjoy the challenge of attempting to make an interesting image of a wooden spoon!

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  • Paulbellingersr Jan 5, 2012 @ 15:26

    Be sure after all that post production work you load the image to the site as original or 12 inches on the long side otherwise the people you have looking at can’t examine it close, hell half of us are part blind.

    • Doug S Jan 5, 2012 @ 16:48

      Thanks for your comment, I’m working on widening the template to allow for post of the Large files from Smugmug. I did make the images clickable to the XL size from Smugmug I’ll add text links to the larger files as well, so that it’s clearer.