Are you a Doer, Planner or Both

Are You A Doer or Do You Plan To Do

Ever met those that just do?

Ever met those that plan to do?


The doers get an idea/plan and do.

The planners plan and keep planning, waiting for the perfect plan.

I can relate to both.

I have lots of plans that have been rewritten and if I had just started somewhere along the way I would actually know if it worked or not!  I have quite a few exercise plans that have never been started.

On a whim I decided to take a photo a day and have been doing that for over two years now.

My photo a day project has morphed into many different things. I’ve learned far more about photography by just starting the project! My photo a day project has taught me lots about just doing. Sometimes I have a get an image, the clock is winding down on the day! Even if I don’t have a tripod or a flash unit, I have to figure it out. Somedays I’m not happy with my image for the day, but I post it anyways. What I’ve discovered is that often my best received images are the ones that I had to just do! As I look back over my images I can see growth from doing.

So why is it easy to just do some things and others it’s easy to keep planning?

I’ve also been planning this post for awhile now, pondering whether or not it’s worth posting as countless books have been written on this topic. Finally got tired of planning and decided to hit the publish button.

Nike has been telling us for 30 years to “Just do it!”

Do you Do, Plan to do, or both! Share you’re success or failures in the comments below.

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  • Mojaveman Apr 6, 2013 @ 11:08

    Back in my late-teens and early 20’s I had a good friend, Corky, who was definitely a “doer”. A typical example of that would be me saying: “someday we ought to…”, and most times Corky’s immediate response was: “Great idea. Let’s do it right now!” Some of my most memorable adventures began exactly that way. I don’t know why I have lost much of that spontaneity as the years have gone by.

    It was early December 1972 when we heard that Apollo 17, the last manned moon mission, and the only night launch of the Apollo program was going to takeoff from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in less than 12 hours. We made the spur-of-the-moment decision to make the 10+ hour drive down to experience it live. We got held up in some traffic in the Atlanta area, and thought we would have to watch the launch from 200 miles away – but the launch was delayed for a couple of hours and we made it to New Smyrna Beach less than 50 miles north of Cape Kennedy to watch the launch. What an adrenaline rush! If we would have just sat around and talked about it, we would have had settle for watching it on TV like millions of others. By springing immediately to action as soon as the idea surfaced, we got to be an eyewitness to history.

    • Doug S Apr 6, 2013 @ 11:36

      Thanks for sharing Mojaveman… What a cool experience!
      You’re definitely not alone in not knowing why the spontaneity goes away…. We just need to find a Corky every now and then to remind us to do it right now!

  • Hubert Apr 7, 2013 @ 8:26


    As I write this I am “doing a plan”. I know I had to revamp my hp but was reluctant because of the investment. At the same time my son Eric (15) said he needed a Mac for his music productions (!).
    Now I found out that jimdo offers do it yourself hps where I could ” rebuild” my old hp- which has cost me thousands- for roughly 180,€/year plus the fun of working with my son and earning him s Mac. Never regretted that decision as it evolves. We will add vids etc. and I finally can change when and whatevet I want myself.
    BTW, do you remember

    • Doug S Apr 7, 2013 @ 9:52

      Sounds like a great plan!… What should I remember? 🙂