Dentists Advertising on Facebook?

I just checked my Facebook page and found an ad for a Dentist with the copy:

“Have you been looking for a good dentist but didn’t know where to look? Well
look no further, our practice is the ideal place for you!”

Here’s the problem, I live in Nevada, and this dentist is in Tampa, FL.
I wonder if there will be a return on this advertising investment? There must be a return, but I don’t think they return has anything to do with new patients it has to do with search engine optimization(SEO) and showing a customer great search results. According to the search engine’s paid placement isn’t supposed to help with Organic search performance, but I am in agreement with Mark Jackson at Search Engine Watch and his article: There’s No Shortcut to Good SEO…Or Is There?
It appears that for some this type of paid link placement helps with organic search results. The real question remains, how many people will find a new dentist with a Google search or a Facebook ad? Anyone have some experiences to share?


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