Caramel Apples-Daily #343-Post Process

On a recent trip to Disneyland I sat outside the window as the confectioners were making Mickey and Minnie Candy Apples. The process fascinated me enough to want to try it. So I started the process today, by coating the apples with a layer of caramel. I also grabbed a few photos along the way. This image was my daily photo #343/365, posted on 12-09-2011. I’ve also made all images clickable to larger versions.

Two Thumbs before and after:


I didn’t think this image needed a lot of processing, buy I decided to see if I could improve it a bit, here’s the Original:


ISO 1000 f/2.8 t 1/50

Here’s the Screen grab of my edits in Aperture:


Adjustments as follows:

White balance: Temp(3950.65), Tint(4.00)
Enhance: Contrast(0.40), Vibrancy(0.20)
Levels: Auto Levels(luminance)
Edge Sharpen: Intensity (0.54), Edges(0.22), Falloff(0.69)
Vignette: Gamma, Intesity(0.64), Radius(0.65)

Not much really, some minor level adjustments and a few other tweaks gives us this image:


I think it’s better, but I wanted to see what I could do with some cool tools from Perfect Photo Suite from OnOne Software, so I opened this image in Perfect Photo Suite

and jumped into the Effects pane and clicked on the “color and tone” set of filters and used Auto Fix, I then create a new layer and went back to the effects pane and selected the “textures” set of filters and used the fibers filter and adjusted the opacity to 20%. Here’s a screen shot from Perfect Photos studio:


Which provides the final image:


I’ve never been a huge texture fan, but I think this works, I like what it did to the background.


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