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Organic Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars-Gluten Free,Dairy Free and Sugar Free

Recently I was at Whole Foods with my wife and she was gazing at the baked goods section right next to the coffee shop wishing she could order one of the brownie type bars they had…. After our Dairy Free/Gluten Free adventure started a few years ago she really misses baked goods. So thought for a moment that I could make a delicious bar that just might do the trick.

So I headed for the produce aisle to try and find some Medjool Dates and then to the raw food aisle for Cocao Nibs before we left.

So here’s what I came up with:


Here’s how I made them:

1 cup chopped Organic Medjool Dates( I found them in the bulk aisle at Whole Foods)
1/2 cup Cocao Powder
1/2 cup Cocao Nibs
1TBS Cinnamon
1/2 cup roasted Sunflower Seeds

Place all ingredients in a high speed blender(Blendtec or VitaMix)

Spread out in a dish and cover with Organic Peanut Butter, peanuts and chocolate chips!

Now I have to admit that I just guessed on the amount of ingredients I’ll have to remake it to adjust accordingly, but I feel it’s a fairly accurate guesstimate.

They are delicious! Refined Sugar Free, Dairy Free, and Gluten Free… I’m going to try them with Almond Butter too!


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Espresso Grounds Ready to Go

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Who Knew Kraut Could Be This Good!

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Is Organic Food More Nutritious? I’m not sure…

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Golden Gate Glow

Winter in California means rain. In fact, the state just had its first rain of the new season over the previous two days. But the weather forecast suggested there might be an opening in the clouds —and an opening for me to get out to this location well before dawn. I pulled myself out of…

Mesquite Sand Dunes Sunrise!

Sunstar over Death Valley Sometimes you have to be an early riser to catch a landscape in its most pristine state. For this shot of the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, I arrived in Death Valley National Park at 5:30 a.m. Wearing my trusty headlamp, I began my hike in. (You’d be amazed at how dark…

Anitas in Reine Norway

Anitas in Reine Norway

You can nearly smell the briny waters of the Norwegian Sea’s Vestfjord—literally “the West fjord”—in this brisk scene. I shot it in the remote fishing village of Reine in Norway’s Nordland region. And just behind me? Anita’s Seafood (, a  restaurant and fish market serving both fresh-caught fish and dried cod. Arctic cod spawn in these waters during…

Northern Lights of Norway!

Northern Lights of Norway!

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Hamnøy Village

Hamnøy Village

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Gold Rush on McGee Creek

Gold Rush on McGee Creek

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Family Get Together Photo Tips

Family Get Together Photo Tips

Q: “With the holiday season coming up, what are some tips to take better indoor photos of my family and friends?”   A: Although you may be tempted to try to fit every last family member in one elaborate photo, you’ll end up with better images, if you simply take several close-ups of individual friends and…

Ask Doug: Do you have any special tricks for photographing flowers and gardens?

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Orange Beach Glow

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