Sandstone X Marking the Spot!

Sandstone X Marking the Spot!

X Does Mark the Spot

Try as I might, I couldn’t capture the grandeur of White Pocket right away. I would have to head back to this special spot again and again at various times to watch the textures and colors that made up this sedimentary “X” shift in the light.

X Marks the Spot
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White Pocket is nestled deep within Arizona’s Vermillion Cliffs National Monument. Just how deep? This trip took two days’ worth of off-road, wilderness driving and two nights of camping—with little sleep since the night skies there are fascinating to photograph, too!

Eventually, I was able to shoot these clouds, along with a hint of morning alpenglow, highlighting the rock formation’s rich creams, reds, and chocolaty browns. Making multiple trips and rising early enough to watch the day begin was definitely worth the effort.

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