Who’s Ready for a Banana? Picture a day #9

Today was one of those days, when you pull the memory card out of the reader and hit the delete key on every image take so far today because they was nothing worthy of showing anyone, let alone myself. Which is when I usually ask my kids for ideas. So here’s my son enjoying a banana. I had to do a little work in the post as this was initially poorly underexposed, mainly due to the poor lighting conditions in my dining room!  Here’s my photo for day #9


ISO 1000 ƒ/2.8 T 1/60

Here’s the saved JPG from the RAW file(yes, there is a little more wiggle room with a RAW file, but i’ve had this work equally as well using High JPG’s):


It’s just a bit dark, because of time I just used Aperture(Mac App Link) for the processing:


I adjusted the exposure so that the histogram was just touching the right hand side and played around with a few others tools as you can see in the screen shot above.

It’s a fun image and nice Monday save.