Wave Painting

Creating Memories Painting Waves on Jokulsarlon Ice Beach, and I do have prints available!

Just discovered this image as I had previously passed it over

Blue Ice

and worked on these other two images first:

Ice Swoosh

And this one which is a slightly different angle the first image posted:

Wave Painting on Ice Beach

Creating these images was fun, challenging, memorable and scary!

The trick is to find a chunk of ice in the wave zone, plant your tripod in the sand and set up the composition and wait for a wave to come rolling in! The challenge is that often those waves contain rocks, other chunks of ice or are larger than expected. You will have water over your boots! We had one wave that brought a wave that caught me mid-thigh. The rocks or ice can be large enough to break tripod legs or even real legs! So that is always in the back of your mind as the waves roll in.

The day the chunk was quite a distance from the normal surf and only the larger waves would reach this far, which gave us a bit of time to prepare. It was also raining sideways due to wind blowing over 30mph!

It was also memorable because I got to share this incredible place for the first time with some really great friends… Some that never imagined seeing such an amazing place and be able to photograph it!

I can’t wait to go back.. it’s a place keeps luring you back!

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