Trying Something new with my daily photos.

I’m making a change in the way I post my daily photos to my blog. Sadly, after I post my daily images to my gallery at and Google+, I get lazy and don’t get them posted here. I then get behind and feel bad about that which causes anxiety. So I’m going to try something new. I’m going to make single posts of my photos 2 times a week of 3-4 images each post. I think this will allow me to keep posting and then once in awhile post about something else as well. This post will contain all the images to catch up!

Day 74- Snail in the Yard

Yep, I found a snail in the yard! 🙂

Day 75-Play Ball

Ready to Play Ball!

Day 76-Purple Tulips


Purple Tulips in the Sunlight

Day 77-Daffodil Stems

Daffodil Stems Abstract

Day 78-It’s Spring, New Grape Leaves

Old and New Grape Leaves

Day 79-Crayon Tower

Crayon Tower

Day 80- Pink Tulips

Fun Pink Tulips

Day 81-Ready for a Tea Party

Ready for a Tea Party

Day 82-Batter, Batter, Swing

Ready to Swing, play ball!

Day 82-Roundhouse on the Sandquist Railway

Roundhouse on the Sandquist Railway

If you wish to keep up with my posts daily then be sure to follow along at my Photo a Day Smugmug Gallery. Thanks for your interest in my creative endeavors!