More Tidbits from The Gluten Summit!

The live portion of the Gluten Summit is coming to a close with only a few days left. Here’s my recap of the past few days since my last post at the halfway point.

Dr. Daniel Amen was a fascinating interview! Connected brain health to imaging and nutrition! Change your diet, change you brain! Very easy to listen to and understand.

JJ Virgin is someone I had never heard before! I love her plan and probably a plan I  should consider doing every few months of so! Eliminate 7 bad foods for 3 weeks! She’s also quite the travel ninja with lots of tips while on the road!

Deanna Minich shared her love affair with food, whole Food, colorful food, healing food. I enjoyed the visual of learning to fall in love with food on your own too! How many times do we just sit down and stuff our faces to stop hunger? Deanna wants her clients to treat the food they eat better and with love. She also offers great advice about finding gluten free support groups in your area! This is something I wish I had done.

Jeffrey Smith The No-GMO guy! Ok I’m convinced, celiacs(I suppose no one should either!) shouldn’t consume GMO foods! We already struggle with tender gut linings… GMO’s don’t help!

Sayer Ji the editor of the! A brilliant discussion of Lectins and Wheat agglutinins. I wasn’t exactly sure what these were, but lots of research being done now relating them to arthritis, neurotoxicity, and cardiovascular issues, fascinating!

Dr. William Davis I read Wheat Belly when it came out a few years ago and am a regular follower of the! Amazing to actually hear a cardiologist mention that he hasn’t seen a heart attack in a few years! Also, I like what he has to say about cupcakes, cakes and all the treats! If the ingredients are right, eat all you want! Plus Dr. Davis is easily the most approachable and tech savvy nutrition leaders online today!

Lots of info to digest! I did pick up the Digital Download Package. I think it’s well worth the $67 I don’t know if the price will go up after the free live broadcasts end. I enjoy having the transcripts as I can often skim a transcript faster than listening for an hour, even though I enjoy getting lost in that hour of learning. With the package you get the transcripts, audios and videos, pretty cool deal for about 30 hours of info! So if you’re so inclined click on the banner below or head to the Gluten Summit Order page and get it before the price goes up!