Think it’s time to start increasing the Serum Vitamin D level


 You will see Vitamin D measured, ng/L or nmol/L. This video mentions Vitamin D measured in nmol/L. If you are looking for ng/L divide the nmol/L number by 2.5. Or multiply ng/L by 2.5 to get nmol/L

Here’s some highlights from the lecture: 

Astounding to see the cancer rates plummet as the blood serum level of Vitamin D increased above 100 nmol/L.  Current guidelines recommend only 25 nmol/L which is protective against Rickets. Many are still below this level. 

Breast cancer rates drop 50% with Vitamin D levels above 100 nmol/L

Loads of research has been done related Vitamin D and chronic diseases. 

Most are significantly deficient. 

Serum levels of Vitamin D below 80 nmol/L are not adequate for any body system

Levels as high as 125 nmol/L may be closer to optimal

Early life levels of Vitamin D levels seem to be related to development of chronic diseases later in life… Our Kids need Vitamin D supplementation.