Things Overheard at Disneyland

One of the things I love about Disneyland is the opportunity to people watch. I pretty sure my family provides many opportunities for others to watch and chuckle as well. This trip I actually remembered 3 things I overheard that gave me a chuckle and they may you as well.


1. Right outside Soarin’ over California in California Adventure I overheard a Grandpa and his Grandson heading to the Churro cart. The Grandpa asks,

“Do you want to share one, or do you want one of your own?”

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to hear the kids response, but I know what my response would have been.. “I want my own!” I’m pretty sure every other kid would want a whole one as well, at least the kids I know.


2. As we were leaving the Hungry Bear Restaurant a Grandma and her daughter were heading in as we were leaving, to which the Grandma asks,

“Do they have kids meals here? Let me ask.”

It’s Disneyland, they have kids meals. Doesn’t mean the kids will eat it though, I can vouch for this. So maybe this is what she was referring to, do they have kids meals the kids will eat?

3. So I’ve always wondered how people choose their shoes when going to Disneyland. I’m pretty sure I’ll be on my feet all day and usually try to wear a pair of shoes that will allow my feet to survive. So when i see people in sandals, espadrilles, flip flops, hi heels, etc. I have to wonder how they make it. So as we were walking through the line on Space Mountain a guy right behind us tells his friends;

“I’m having flashbacks with these damn sandals.”

Guess those flashbacks weren’t strong enough…