The Magic Pill?

This weekend, I was thinking about business conferences and conventions. I usually go with intention of finding the Magic Pill for my business, and sometimes think I have found it, then come back to the office and realize that the “Pill” is the wrong dosage. It’s taken awhile but I think I have finally discovered that there is no “Magic Pill”, there really are no shortcuts.

For some Twitter can be viewed as a “Magic Pill”, an incredible tool for networking and communicating your brand, but for Twitter to be effective for your business, it requires really hard work. Sure some are able to get Ghost writers to tweet for them, but the Twitter community is smart and usually able to figure out what’s going on. Twitter works because it provides access all the way to the top, there are no middle men,

Most “Magic Pills” are just tools that help businesses do what they do best.

Hammer’s don’t build buildings, people do.