Sunshine on a Monday and A Gluten E Summit!

Sunshine on a Monday!

I’m not sure where my son got this little guy from buy he makes me smile!

Day 272 of 365

via Photo a Day-2013
The Gluten E Summit- A Grain of Truth is rolling out!
It’s also the last day of September and first time we’ve heard about the Gluten E Summit! I’m really excited about the Gluten Summit. Dr. Tom O’Bryan from has interviewed 25 of the top Gluten researchers in the world in hopes of educating more practitioners about the effects on the disease process! The program is completely free and delivered online beginning November 11 and ending November 16. There will be an opportunity to optionally purchase various videos and other things if you so desire and for that I am an affiliate, but no purchase is required. If you want to learn more about this program head on over to Gluten E Summit page for more info and to sign up to be notified of the first course.