Sun That Never Sets

Summer in Greenland

The Sun That Never Sets

The first night on the Donna Wood was filled with the excitement of what was to come!

Earlier in the day at 10:00 am, we boarded an Air Greenland flight in Reykjavik bound for Constable Point, Greenland. Constable Point Greenland is on the east coast of Greenland near Scoresby Sound. It’s an airstrip with a dirt runway and no flushing toilet!

While at the airport waiting for our luggage(which came in a cart), we met a small group of Geologists from Cambridge University that were heading up to Germania for a month looking for shells embedded  in the rocks! In our brief discussion, we found out that the rocks in Greenland are about 60 million years old. The rocks in Iceland are only 4-5 million years old. The two landscapes are very different.

After a 10 minute walk across the dirt runway to the zodiacs, we were ferried to the Donna Wood to find our rooms for the next week! Shortly after we started out on our journey through Scoresby Sound.

As we were heading out, we got to an area of the bay in the sound that allowed us to see the sun on the horizon! It was exciting to have clear skies so we could see the sun head for the horizon and then wait for it to go below the horizon, only to see it never make it!

The sun got this low and then started to come back up!

I love the glow of the summer Arctic light over the sound as seen in this image!

You can view a larger image here