Stormy Greenland

Or a storm clearing

Stormy Greenland

It was fun watching the storm clear in the Fjords of Scoresby Sound, Greenland! In this area of the Fjord, many of these mountain peaks are 1000-2000m or roughly 3000-6000ft tall! I had seen images from Greenland and this area, but I never found any that accurately displayed the size and scope of these peaks. Sadly, my image above doesn’t do them justice either! This area is also a narrow channel and the mountains rise straight up on both sides. And to think that our boat of 20 people were the only humans with miles and miles(or km’s and km’s!)

Greenland unlike any place I’ve ever visited made me realize how big and amazing our Earth is!

Yes, we live in unsettled times but we also live in amazing times in that travel is possible to the far ends of the Earth.

Discover what’s possible and Go!