Spring Clouds Over Red Rock

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A friend of mine was visiting from out of town recently, so we hatched a plan to catch a desert sunrise. I was a little hesitant to go, as I was all set to fly out for a family trip later that afternoon, but I figured I could squeeze in a few hours for some pre-flight photography.

Besides, two people in our little group had never been to Red Rock Canyon Conservation area, and it is beautiful—especially at sunrise. True, they were a little concerned about coming across a snake or coyote, but I have never seen either of those in this spot. (I have seen the occasional—and much less threatening!—burro and rabbit, however.)

Spring Clouds

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The Spring Mountains border Red Rock Canyon, and I love capturing this area when a springtime storm is rolling in. It’s not uncommon to see clouds over the mountains, even when the skies over the city directly behind me are crystal clear.

I named the image I took that day “Spring Clouds Over Red Rock,” but it just as easily could be called “Prickly Path.” As I shot it, I worked at finding new and different foreground elements. In particular, I liked how the path on the right leads the eye through the prominently featured cactus and then, more deeply, into the desert beyond.

My ultimate takeaway? No matter how stormy or prickly one’s circumstances seem to be, there is always, always a path.☺