Smoke Plume Carpenter Canyon Fire after 1 Week, Day 189 of 365

Tried a Photoshop CS6 Pano today. The Carpenter1 fire on Mt. Charleston is only 15% contained with hopes of containment sometime next week. There is a lot fuel up there to burn. The fire did get to within about 1/4 mile of our cabin, but the crews were able to set a back fire that worked in efforts to build a containment line on the south edge of the community. Fortunately there are have been no structures lost or firemen injured…. Hopefully that will continue to be the case until it’s all the way out.
Day 189 of 365

via Photo a Day-2013!i=2623478443&k=BXSJHrK
I’m ready for the Carpenter1 Fire on Mount Charleston to burn out, Its sad to see our local forest go up in flames. I suppose the good news is that this fire has consumed far less than 10% of our local forest. It has been interesting to see how the conditions have changed what the plume looks like.
Here’s a photo from 3 days ago(07-05-2013):
I really don’t know much about smoke plumes and atmospheric conditions, but this smoke plume looks more aggressive. My sense is that this plume is from a hotter fire. I have enjoyed the opportunity to head out and try to capture the changes.