Serendipity at Sunset

Photo a Day 322/366

Serendipity, a pleasant surprise.

Roughly 4 years ago, my wife attended the Anaheim PriMed conference and attended a lecture about Celiac Disease by Dr. Alessio Fasano. After that 1 hour lecture, my wife mentions to me that I probably have celiac disease. 4 months from that lecture I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Fast forward to today 4 years later we are at a conference that Dr Fasano is also giving a lecture. We are at a break grabbing a bite to eat and step up to a stand up table to eat our snack and I look over to my left and notice Dr. Fasano’s name badge. So I ask him how his flight from back east was, etc. I then ask if he remembers giving a lecture about 4 years ago in Anaheim at the PriMed conference, he did!


We chatted for about 15 minutes about the various topics related to Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity. My sense is that his life’s work has led him in directions he never thought he would go.

I’m impressed that his team has been able to discover that humans treat the protein gluten like a bad bug. Most humans are seemingly able to handle this bug through normally working immune systems. And that they don’t know why some immune systems stop being able to take care of it. I appreciate his reasoned approach.

So is the lack of disease, health?

I thought this photos as fitting for this day!

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