Roses, Lilies and Indian Hawthorn

Day 91 Red Roses

Red Roses

Red Roses

I liked this blooming rose in the green vase. I was dealing with later afternoon almost evening window light so I was shooting at ƒ/2.8 at  t 1/13. I had to take a few snaps and hold my breath and really hold on to the camera to get this as sharp as it is… It’s not perfect but I liked the colors and feel of it.

Day 92 Yellow Lady Banks Rose Vine Clippings

Clippings from a Yellow Lady Banks Rose Vine

My daughter picked these fun yellow flowers from my Mom’s yard. It was fun trying to keep them alive!

Day 93 Easter Lily

iPhone Easter Lily Snap

My Mom always gets an Easter Lily in the spring! I love them. This was a quick iPhone capture with using the Camera Awesome app. I cooled it down a bit in post.

Day 94 Indian Hawthorn

Indian Hawthorn in Bloom!

We have quite a few Indian Hawthorn in our yard and right now they are in full bloom! I must say they are beautiful in bloom and really do well in the desert air!

A fun variety of flowers in this group!

Any flower suggestions I should be on the look out to photograph? Let me know in the comments below.