Recap Month 2-Project 365

February was a good month, I’m slightly happier with the photos this month…

Dawn of a new month… Yes, this is taken in the middle of the desert.. Years ago when water use wasn't an issue developers had grandios plans to build lakes and put houses on them… This is one of those lakes..  At X2,X3 you can see the tiniest sliver of a moon! To be honest I had not idea it was there until I was reviewing the photos.. So it's entirely possible it's not the moon, but it looks like the moon to me! Is it the moon?  02-01-2011

Bubbles, wonderful bubbles! There's something about bubbles and children! I love watching them run through them, trying to pop each and everyone! This is a tiny bubble, but it caught her eye!   02-05-2011

Spent the afternoon in the mountains today.. Very warm up there even today, mid 50's and the snow pack is really hard… the weather was beautiful, but my photographic eye was not sharp, just didn't come up with much, took lots of pics, but nothing really usable! I found these little icicles on the branches underneath the roof run off! Kind of liked how the light hit them with the red berries that have somehow survived the winter cold.  I don't really like the blue cast on the left had side.. this is showed up in post processing trying to pull the sparkle of the icicles out of the center! I was tired of fiddling with it and decided to just post it and forget it!... It does look more interesting at larger sizes..
These gerber daisies are hanging in there.. I took a picture of them last Sunday, which you can see Here This is a bit of a different feel… I had a little bit of fun in PP…  Glad the weekend is here!   02-18-2011

Spotted these guys on the road today! Gave me a chuckle!   02-06-2011
I had this image printed on aluminum and hung it in my son’s room! It looks incredible! I have started a Kids Wall Art Gallery of fun prints for kids rooms!

Ok.. the Tulips are still hangin' on.. so I decided to try a little different angle… to see what came up… Here's an alternate image here  I kind of like the Tuips on Sepia!... they have a cool glow!..  02-21-2011

I’m happy with most of the photos from Month 2, there are a few duds, but for the most part I’m happy with my progress! Keep track of month 3’s daily photos-Here