Raindrops on the Sunroof! Picture a day #21

Woke up this morning to rain clouds and wind gusts unto 50mph! When I got in my car to head out I opened the cover on the sunroof and found these cool water drops on the window. If you look at the larger sizes you’ll notice the reflection of my neighbors palm tree in the drops. I was tempted to covert this to B&W, but decided against it as I kind of liked the hint of color from the palms.

ISO 1000 ƒ/8 T 1/320 and initially about 2 stops underexposed

Here’s the saved jpg from the RAW file:


It’s a bit drab and dreary and I didn’t check the histogram in the camera and the LCD on the ancient Canon 5d is horrible. It’s so bad I really don’t use it much, mainly just to check composition and then use the histogram to verify exposures.

So here’s the initial edits in Aperture:


This was pretty good and what I was looking for but decided to play around in Perfect Photo Studio from OnOnesoftware.com


I added a bit of Glow to the drops.