Did You Photoshop That?

Yes, I photoshop every image!

Black Icelandic Horse

When I go back to Iceland I hope to spend some more time photographing the horses! They are beautiful! This guy was cool!

I often get asked whether or not I enhance my images. yes I do! Editing images is something I enjoy. It’s vital to the picture making process.
Expose the image, develop the image, just like we do with film.
Film is developed into negatives and the negatives are used to make prints. So yes, Photoshop is part of my digital darkroom.

Here’s a list of tools I use in my digital darkroom: I develop all of my photos in my digital

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Perfect Photo Studio 8 – OnOneSoftware.com
  • Nik Software
  • MacPhun
  • Perfectly Clear