Notice White Spots on Your Teeth? Could be Celiac Disease

White Spots on Teeth

According to a recently published research study by Dr. Ted Malahais DDS and Dr. Peter Green MD ( up to 90% of children with Celiac Disease also have white spots in the enamel of their adult teeth. It is still unknown why these white spots occur but are often blamed on excess fluoride or tetracycline staining and celiac disease could be the underlying cause. These white spots will not go away with a gluten free diet but can be prevented if a Celiac diagnosis is made while the adult teeth are growing usually before the age of 7. Remember having white spots on your adult teeth isn’t diagnostic of Celiac Disease, but it could be a finding that leads to a diagnosis.

Speaking from personal experience I have white spots on my enamel, it has faded over the years but they are still there and I also have celiac disease. It’s definitely something all dentists should be looking out for.