Nobody Really Likes Doing Homework-Picture a day #24

The challenge of having a first grader is finishing homework at a decent hour. It’s not that he has volumes of it each day, it’s just that he often doesn’t quite get it all done during school time. So what is probably 20 min of homework extends to 1-2hours! There is always something to get distracted by. This time it was dad with his camera! I took this of R tonight as he was working on it… I liked the hi key aspect to this portrait

ISO 1000 ƒ/3.2 T 1/40 with a flash bounced off the wall to the left.

Heres the saved JPG from the RAW file:


Here are the edits from Aperture:


I then went into Perfect Photo Studio-Effects and applied a Simplify Man filter and an Anime filter set at about 40%. Then back to Aperture for a final crop

I liked the over exposed aspects of this image, shows off the deep brown color of his eyes.