Morning Smiles with Thoughts on Project 365

Morning Grin

Beautiful light this morning as the kids went out to ride their bikes!

Caught my son giving me a great smile.

Edited with Aperture and Perfect Photo Effects 8. I added a bit of Dynamic Contrast and a layer of Sunshine Glow.

I was watching The Grid on  the other day about photography and they were answering a question of how to be a better photographer in 2014. One of their suggestions was to not partake in a project365 or a daily photo project. The primary reason for not recommending taking a photo each day is that it leads to quick snaps of something mundane to keep the project going. They recommend that photographers work on specific projects, i.e. learn something new and go deep into that, or take the next 30 days and make 5 new photos to replace old photos in your portfolio and there are a few other recommendations. This all makes sense and something I agree with.

I’m currently in my 4th year of taking a photo every day, or project365. This clip got me thinking about why I take a photo a day.

  • It makes me pick up my camera even when I don’t want to
  • I take far more photos of my kids and family
  • It makes vacations more fun
  • I buy more flowers
  • I’m urged to learn new things(techniques, software, etc.)
  • I get inspired seeing others in the various daily photo communities each day
  • It forces me to take a few minutes each day and create(and yes some days I end up with nothing)
  • By having to post everyday I have to finish and publish. I can’t hem and haw.
  • I can see something creative or unique out of the mundane?

I agree with them regarding a daily photo project. A daily photo project will probably not on it’s own dramatically change your photography. There are plenty of other ways to do that. If your looking to try and learn new photography techniques,  take more photos and challenge yourself,  then I think there is value is committing to a daily photo project. Some of us need a commitment to something like a daily photo project.

It’s always fun to sit back and reflect why your doing something and if there is still value in it.