Joshua Trees Learning to See What you See

Joshua Trees are native to our location in the Mojave Desert.

Joshua Tree Top

I’m fascinated by their shape and texture that I often take a few snaps of them whenever I am out exploring the desert. The trouble is I’m never happy with the results of the snaps. I’m unable to capture what I see, when I see them. I’m actually wondering if I see something in them that just isn’t there. I see color, texture and randomness. When I look at my photos I’m almost always urged to remove the color or do something to the photos to express what I see. The day I shot these photos was an overcast day so the colors in general were more muted to my eye. Even though my camera could pick up the rich green colors, they don’t look right to me.

Joshua Trees and the Spring Mountains

I think this is one of the primary challenges with photography. Trying to capture in the camera what the eye sees. The image below is closer to what my brain/eye was trying to capture. Sometimes we don’t see reality at all!

Joshua Tree

Joshua trees are just cactus in the desert, but can be an interesting study in learning to capture what you see. It’s easy to take quick snaps….

It’s harder to capture what you see.

Harder yet to see what you see!

Still learning.

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