Ice Cave- Shot on iPhone Sighting Update 7

Mega Update due to being out of the country for a few weeks! Looks like they are moving some billboards around and keeping others in place! So this update has new locations that I’ve not been aware of.

From Aydamir Nehay in Russia!  Comes this back cover of the Russian edition of National Geographic… I love this image!


Was sent this from Jason, the model in the Ice Cave image from the Washington DC subway!


While traveling I found this Entertainment Weekly Magazine in the Airport and grabbed a photo!


Courtney, a friend on FB found this bus stop ad in Cambridge, MA! Thanks Courtney!


Another friend Brad was vacation in Nantucket, MA and discovered the Entertainment Weekly there and had some fun! Thanks Brad!


Jerold from Facebook and friend from high school checked out the very large billboard installation in Dallas, TX! Thanks Jerold!


Long time friend Donna was traveling to Berlin and found these displays in the train station! These are awesome! Thanks Donna!

13887053_10153754123501911_6559737905940782680_n 13692942_10153754205871911_6779606445504230179_o 13662005_10153754209366911_5487482754101233884_o 13667837_10153754209271911_5353917887562934608_o

Becky from FB had a friend of hers send this one in from Dallas too! The trees really help show how large the building is! Thanks Becky!


Brian has been on the hunt this summer, he found 3 ads in London and now he’s found some bus stop ads in Philadelphia! Thanks Brian!

Phil Ice Cave Shelter Philadelphia Ice Cave PHL Ice Cave