Yes, Happy New Year Intentions!

As the new year begins I think is good to step back and also consider what worked and didn’t work last year. I’m not a fan of goal or resolution setting. Once I know the goal or resolution won’t be achieved I give up. I think that makes me normal! This year I was again pondering the Goal/Resolution thing and ran across this post by non other than Tony Horton, of P90x fame! He wrote this article called Skip the resolutions and Create Intentions.

The idea of Intentions clicked! I create intentions!

I intend to do…

Last year one of my intentions was to improve my photography. Part of getting good images is getting to places that are interesting to photograph!

At the virtual last moment(Ok, I had a few months to plan, but really only had a few days from hearing about it to going)  I was invited to join a photo trip to Iceland. Since I first saw images from Iceland over 10 years ago, I just knew I had to go… So I did. (Just had to share a few favorites that I don’t think i’ve shared here)

Skogafoss-Edited in Adobe Lightroom 5 and Perfect Photo Studio from OnOneSoftware

Glow over the Glacial Lagoon-Edited in Adobe Lightroom 5 and OnOneSoftware Perfect Photo Studio 9

So in 2015:

I intend to continue to improve my photography skills!

I intend to improve my physical health!

I intend to improve my professional skills!

I intend to continue to build beneficial relationships!

I reserve the right to add intentions at anytime!

I will have a great time with my family!

Happy New Year!