Grizzly Prickly Pear Cactus-Picture a day #35

We spent the day at Springs Preserve( Beautiful weather warranted being outside. Springs Preserve is located in the heart of Las Vegas. It’s water source was the reason that Las Vegas began as a watering hole for weary traveler’s years ago. They also have cactus gardens and gardens of other plants and trees that do well in the desert. So here’s an image from our visit.

SO 1000 ƒ/5.6 T 1/2000

Here’s the saved jpg from the RAW file:


Here’s a screen capture of my edits in Aperture:


Didn’t do to much, I’m amazed at how well a simple levels adjustment helps the image, if the exposure is in the ballpark. I find that using auto levels when the exposure is off a few stops makes things weird.

Here are a few other snaps from our day:

IMG1911-L.jpgIMG1939-L.jpg IMG1960-L.jpg IMG1950-L.jpg IMG2007-L.jpg

and there are a few more in the SpringsPreserve12 gallery