Green Mums, Green Ninjas and Pre-K Graduation

Day 153 – Homemade Green Ninja


My Son couldn’t find a set with the Green Ninja so he searched YouTube to find out how to make his own…. He was a bit disappointed with the color green he chose, but I think he did a pretty good job!

Day 154 Pink Daisies and Green Mums


Liked the way this pink daisy looked with the small green mums in the background.

Day 155 Stick Frisbee

My son had class art project to make a frisbee with tongue depressors. He decided to make a colorful one at home. It really flies and will stay together for awhile.

Day 156 LightBulb Jar


My Son found this fun jar at Hobby Lobby the other day.  I liked the hues and tones in this image.

Day 157 Pre-K Graduation

My Daughter graduated from Pre-Kindergarten. Fun day!

Day 158 Green Mums in nice afternoon light


Really liked this fun green mums in the nice afternoon light.

Day 159 Basil Blossoms


Finally planted a Basil in my yard and have so far been enjoying picking a few leaves just before dinner! Glad to see it can handle the afternoon heat.