Grapes, Grapes and a Smattering of other things

I’m back playing catch up with photos on my blog, so here goes.

Day 115- Grapes budding

I had never really noticed the way grapes start to grow and this year I got some fun pics of the process.

Day 116 Starting to Blossom


These started to blossom over night. Fun!

Day 117 Red Roses

A brief break with the grapes as I had to include these great roses from my Mom’s yard!

Day 118 Grapes in full bloom


I have never seen grapes like this. Had no idea that grapes flowered like this.

119 Lollaloopsy Photobombed the portrait

I was trying to get a photo of my Daughter and kept putting her Lollaloopsy in the way… so i went with it!

Day 120 Rubber Band Ball


My son wanted to make a rubber band ball… Fortunately he found one already made at the doller store! Saved us lots of time…

Day 121 Fruit on the Grapes starting to grow


This is a quick iphone capture of the fruit starting to grow.